Self-Reflection on Being an Alpha Woman

Last week’s Thursday Thoughts blog post was about raising your vibration by doing simple things you enjoy. You can read it here.

I have so many self-awareness and self-reflection stories to share from my recent Cyprus trip. But since they’re all very depressing and sad, I’ll save them for another time.

Today’s topic isn’t about me trying to share a tip or piece of advice. It’s purely an honest sharing about myself and something that I’ve been wondering about.

Although I’ve made peace with who I am and totally accept myself the way I am, there’s one aspect of my personality that if I could change, I would. And that’s being an alpha, leading personality.

I truly believe that my personality type is a result of my family situation and conditioning. I don’t think you can be an alpha woman by nature. Because women are born feminine, soft and submissive. I could be wrong but I want to hear your thoughts on this topic.

So if you’re an alpha woman, I want to know whether you always identified as one or if there was a pivotal moment in your life that made you shift to be that way.

Did you experience trauma or some other life-changing event that shaped you into a strong, alpha woman?

Were you naturally a leader and someone who invests in all areas of her life with a passionate and intense energy?

I ask this because if I could turn back time and erase one thing from my childhood or family conditioning, it would be to help me be more feminine and soft.

The reason that I write this post is to explore and to try and understand this dilemma and topic. It’s not to find a solution because there isn’t one. Once you’re an alpha woman, you can’t go back to being a submissive or beta one. It’s just not an option!

Of course, once I’m in a healthy and loving relationship with a strong, masculine, secure alpha man, then I can tune into my feminine energy and lead more with that side of my self. But until that happens, I really don’t see how I can lead with feminine energy solely.

Because this post is an honest sharing about a dilemma that I’ve always had, I want to hear your thoughts.

Do you identify as an alpha woman? If so, have you always been one? Or did a significant and major life experience force you to become one? Or do you trace it back to your family conditioning? What do you think were the family or life situations that shaped you into an alpha woman who leads with masculine energy?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic and I might share some examples in future posts.


Alpha woman

Alpha woman

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