What’s an Alignment Practice and Why is it Important?

Happy Wednesday.

This morning, I felt so much joy and excitement while browsing through recipes that I plan to test out in the next couple of weeks.

It’s the simple things in life that bring us so much joy and happiness. I’m so grateful for this season because I’m focusing on improving my cooking skills and continually trying new recipes.

Looking forward to new, exciting projects is one of the simple ways to activate the vibration of joy and feel good.

Depending on your interests, many things can make you feel excited and high on life. It is that simple!

This blog post is one of the most read articles on my blog, and I believe it’s because many people don’t know how to be in control of their emotions at all times.

There are two recent blog posts on the topic of controlling your emotions and feeling good on the blog.

Last Wednesday, I wrote about the importance of being selective with the social media accounts that you follow.

And although this is essential and it can help you stay in high vibration and control of your feelings, there’s another critical practice that you can do to set the tone for your emotional wellbeing. And that’s called an alignment practice.

You Must Replace Darkness with Light

There’s a rule in the spiritual growth and healing world. It says: if you want to let go of some darkness or old energy in your soul, you must replace it with opposite energy of light and growth.

What does this mean? If you’re trying to get rid of a negative pattern or old habit of yours, then resisting it or pushing it away only makes it stronger. And what you resist, persists.

So instead of fighting this old habit, thought pattern or addiction and trying to push it away, replace it with a positive habit.

Let’s say you have a social media addiction. You spend hours each day on social platforms. This makes you feel bad about yourself and your life. It also makes you compare yourself and your life to others. Instead of being grateful for what you have, you start focusing on what you don’t have. That’s the worst thing that you can do for manifesting.

To shift your energy around this bad habit and to change it, you must spend that time doing something else that makes you feel good instead. That positive thing is called an alignment practice.

When you have a fixed daily ritual that you commit to, you won’t be prone to spending hours scrolling through social media and feeling bad while doing it.

It’s more likely that you will feel good about yourself and your life. This will renew your sense of self-worth, self-love and confidence.

What are Examples of Alignment Practices?

Any activity or practice that makes you feel grounded and centered after doing it is called an alignment practice.

My favorite alignment practice is silent mediation. I wrote about this type of meditation and why I don’t go a day without practicing it in this blog post.

What you can do is start exploring different types of practice. See which ones resonate with you most.

Some people prefer yoga, journaling, breathwork, working out first thing in the morning, dancing, chanting or listening to meditation music.

The main thing that you want to feel after doing any practice is that you are grounded and anchored in positive energy and emotional state of being. So that when anything negative or frustrating happens in your day, you’ll be able to handle it from a place of feeling centered and unshakeable.

When you stick to an alignment practice, you raise your vibration, and you become a powerful creator and manifester.

Others will start to feel your energy when they’re in your presence, and you will emit a positive and powerful aura.

Although I’m a hardcore believer that meditation is the only practice that can give you this powerful vibration with each practice, I understand that some people have tried meditating and found that it’s not for them and they can’t commit to it.

What if Meditation is Not For me?

If this sounds like you, then I encourage you to explore other ways to set your vibration each morning.

Dancing meditation is my second favorite type of alignment practice. And I can do it from anywhere and at any time.

I play Osho celebration songs, ecstatic dance tunes or even old school hits and I dance in any way that I feel like dancing!

The secret to a successful alignment practice is consistency. You can’t do it once a week or every other week and then say that you have a daily ritual that you’re sticking to.

To get the results that I talk about here, you need to make it into a daily routine or ritual.

Just choose a practice that brings you joy when you think of it. This will make it easier to become a habit.

That’s it for today but stay tuned for a new blog post tomorrow.

alignment practice

What’s an alignment practice?

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