How to Control Your Emotions and Energy During This Pandemic

In the blink of an eye, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have changed everything. 

The way we work has changed. How we learn is different now. The way we spend our free time has changed too. 

Understandably, many of us are confronted with the fear of the unknown. What will happen one week, one month, one year from now? Will the infection and mortality rates continue to increase? Are more people going to lose their jobs? Will you become sick? Are things ever going back to normal? 

Anxiety. Fear. A general somberness engulfs the world during this period. But there is another side to the story. What if this pandemic is the Universe’s way of responding to our collective need to break from the ‘norm’ What if this is an opportunity to re-think the rat race, to slow down, to prioritize what matters, to gain perspective, and reconsider our collective and individual future? 

While it is OK to feel nervous and low during these uncertain times, you do not have to spiral into a whirlwind of fear, depression, and hopelessness. This is a convenient time to connect with your Higher Self, to raise your vibration, and to manifest a new reality for yourself and for the sake of all the inhabitants of the Earth. You can control your emotions and benefit from it. 

The Importance of Raising Your Vibration to Control Your Emotions

control your emotions

control your emotions

During this pandemic, it is easy to spiral into negative thought patterns and habits. But challenging times often present the best opportunity to pay closer attention to our thoughts and to work on becoming high-vibe individuals. This is a great time to manifest, to let go of limiting beliefs, and to become in tune with your authentic self. 

The reason why you need to work on raising your vibration now more than ever is that you are a powerful creator. You are creating your reality at all times through the principles of the law of attraction. According to the law of attraction, like thoughts and feelings attract, i.e. the thoughts you put out into the Universe will attract people and circumstances that are a vibrational match with your thoughts. 

It follows, therefore, if you put out low-vibrational thoughts of depression, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness, you will manifest circumstances that match these thoughts. In the same vein, high-vibrational thoughts and feelings of optimism, gratitude, and faith will attract more opportunities for optimism and gratefulness.

The Universe is responding to you at all times, without fail. Raising your vibration means creating an optimistic, hopeful, fantastic reality for yourself and the Earth. When you choose a high vibration lifestyle, you set yourself up for success. Don’t be daunted by how outward circumstances might seem. Control your emotions and thrive.

Should I Be Thriving in A Time of Crisis?

The pandemic has wrecked entire economies. It has also destroyed livelihoods and affected households. With millions of people suffering, it might not feel ‘right’ to want to thrive, be optimistic, joyful, hopeful, grateful.

Feeling low should be the default, right? Wrong. Wanting to manifest a better reality in times of a global crisis might seem unreasonable. However, feeling unworthy due to outward circumstances is a limiting belief.

Here is the truth: You are worthy of having your desires met despite what is going on in the world right now. You can indeed still thrive at a time of crisis. 

There is more to manifestation than just wanting and asking for more and more. So, when we talk about raising your vibration, you do not have to look at it as you wanting more while others are getting by with so little. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to overcome limiting beliefs, establish new ones that serve you, and to strengthen your trust in the Universe. 

Difficult as it might be to accept, the truth is that our collective conscience created the current reality, including the pandemic. This is part of our evolutionary journey as individuals and as a community. You played a role in manifesting this reality; you can change the reality for the better by choosing a high-vibration lifestyle in which you are in touch with and in control of where you are focusing your energy. 

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Become More Aware of Your Thoughts

Awareness of your thoughts is the first step toward living a high-vibration lifestyle and thriving amidst a global pandemic. What are you telling yourself and others at any given time? Are you allowing negative self-chatter? What words are you frequently using these days when interacting with others? Are they words of hope or words of despair? 

Remember, regardless of what is going on in the world; you get to choose your reaction to it. More importantly, the ever-responsive Universe will deliver to you a reality that matches your thoughts and feelings. Be mindful of your thoughts to avoid spiraling into a cycle of negativity. 

There is no better time to be aware of your thoughts than now. This pandemic has allowed most of us the luxury of time. It has forced us to slow down. Take this opportunity to develop a habit of mindfulness and to cultivate self-awareness. The busy lifestyle of the past might not have allowed you to pay attention to your inner thoughts and feelings. The new standard now offers you this opportunity. Choose thoughts, feelings, and habits that align with the life you want.

Let Go of Limiting Beliefs and Make Way for New Ones 

control your emotions

control your emotions

There is a lot of talk about things ‘going back to normal.’ This statement is usually coming from a place of fear, worry, and anxiety. When you think about it, as a collective, do we want to go back to how things were? As mentioned earlier, this pandemic is part of our individual and evolutionary journey. It is a crucial opportunity for us to challenge our limiting beliefs about many things, including how we work, live, and play at both an individual and community level.

Instead of approaching this pandemic with trepidation, why not take it as an opportunity to identify inner blocks and limiting beliefs that do not serve you. This is a chance to create a new earth for yourself and all other inhabitants by letting go of beliefs that do not support the Highest Good. 

Take some time to reflect on areas in your life where you have tried to make headway unsuccessfully. This is where your limiting beliefs lurk. For example, if you have been struggling to become financially stable, you could start by identifying what your beliefs and values about money are. Write down any fears, concerns, and thoughts you have about money and how to make it. Do you see how these fears and thoughts are limiting and holding you back?

What is essential to understand about limiting beliefs is that they are untrue. This means you can replace them with true beliefs that serve your highest good. So, for example, if one of your limiting beliefs about money and how to make it has been ‘There aren’t many ways to make money’ replace this with ‘I am open to new ways of making money. There are endless opportunities.’ 

You might not feel abundant every day, but once you start to change your money story, at least the story you tell yourself mentally, you will begin to create a different reality. You will flourish regardless of what is going on around you. With so many people losing their jobs and having their finances upended, you can either give in to anxiety about money, or you could choose to examine your beliefs about money. You can raise your vibration, and change your money story to one that is more positive. Remember, positive thoughts yield positive situations. 

Practice Gratitude

control your emotions

control your emotions

Everywhere you turn, you are bombarded with grim news. You probably know one or more people who the pandemic has directly affected. You have likely been affected. So, what’s there to be grateful for, you might wonder? 

Before we can list the number of things to be grateful for, let’s first understand the concept of gratitude. We live in a materialistic culture. Constant wanting is the norm. Possession of material things is the source of happiness. Pinning your happiness on monetary value can make it difficult to count your blessings. It becomes hard to appreciative what you already have. 

Once you see that possession is only a means to an end and not an end in itself, two things will happen. Firstly, you will begin to understand the deeper meaning of this pandemic, the limiting beliefs that cause you anxiety when you face bumps on the road. Secondly, you’ll recognize the role of gratitude in helping you create a new reality for yourself. 

The practice of gratitude is an appreciation of what one has. It is about counting your blessings. While this pandemic has brought with it all sorts of challenges, it has also brought blessings to be thankful for. Instead of wallowing in despair, be grateful for having more time on your hands. Use it to relax, spend with your loved ones whether one-on-one or virtually, to work out and redefine your health goals, and to just think. 

At a collective level, be thankful for the cleaner environment, for the tranquility engulfing our Earth. Also, for the sense of community and oneness that this pandemic has fostered. If you have a roof over your head, food, access to your usual modern amenities, a source of income, these are things to be grateful for. They might not seem like much because you are used to having them, but you should indeed count yourself blessed for having these things. 

Research shows that cultivating the habit of gratitude improves mental wellbeing. This is something many are struggling with right now. Gratitude increases optimism and boosts happiness. Doesn’t it feel better focusing on what you already? That is better than worrying about the things you think you do not have? When you practice gratitude, you attract more things to be grateful for. Also, everything you need is already inside you; it is not outside. Today, choose to replace worry and anxiety with gratitude for all the small and big blessings in your life. 

Trust the Universe

control your emotions

control your emotions

The Universe, God, Source, whichever name you opt to refer to The Higher Source, is always working for your Highest Good even when it doesn’t seem like it. You are here in this particular season for a reason; you aren’t a mistake, and indeed the pandemic is not a mistake. There are sacred lessons to be learned from all this, and the sooner we take the opportunity to learn, the faster we will move forward and come out better on the other side. 

Remember, the Universe is responding to you at all times. It has got your back because you are a powerful creator. Your Higher Self always knows what is best for you. If at this time, you want good health, ask the Universe for good health. Believe that your request is on its way. Trust the Universe to grant you and your loved ones good health and let it go. If what you need most at this time is peace of mind, ask for peace of mind and trust that the Universe has already granted you peace. 

Emotional Self Control

At a time of unprecedented anxiety and fear, trusting in Divine Guidance will help you control your emotions and feel more grounded. Instead of fretting about ‘the good old normal,’ ask the Universe to reveal to you the lessons you need to learn on this evolutionary path that you are on. Ask for limiting beliefs that are holding you back to be revealed and ask for guidance on how to overcome these beliefs and pave the way for new ones that serve you and the collective. 

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