Full Moon Ritual: Release What No Longer Serves You

Happy Wellness Wednesday! I don’t know about you, but I feel so drained and exhausted with this Full Moon energy.

Since I discovered the Full Moon and New Moon rituals last year, I’ve been doing them religiously each month. A Full Moon and New Moon Ritual can be extremely powerful.

If you’re still new to these life-changing, spiritual rituals, you can read a practical guide on how to do them in this post.

What does the Full Moon Mean?

This month’s Full Moon – which falls tomorrow May 7 – is a powerful opportunity to release what no longer serves you.

You can do this by simply setting an intention, journaling about it and setting the space for a ritual.

I genuinely wish that I discovered the value of this time of the month earlier.

Because although you are naturally releasing old energy at this time, it’s not the same as setting a clear intention and doing a ritual to release it.

What’s interesting is that I only found out about this while attending an introduction to the inner child and family constellation Osho group therapy in Dubai last year.

Most of the group participants were into astrology, new moon and full moon rituals. They were having intense discussions about the cosmic world and lunar phases.

What stood out for me from the conversation – and which one participant guided me with – was how to manifest a soul mate using the Full Moon and New Moon phases.

Her advise was to release at the New Moon and bring in what I want at the Full Moon. And although this worked immediately after my first ever Full Moon ritual in Bali in February of last year, I now understand that it should be the other way around.

How to Release Old Patterns and Energy with a Full Moon Ritual

What you need to understand is that the full moon is a time for releasing.

This is why you might be feeling very drained, emotional and super sensitive at this time of the month.

You might also experience old emotions and memories from the past resurfacing.

What you need to do is to permit yourself to feel the emotions that come up.

Don’t suppress them or judge yourself for having them!

Because if you do, you are not allowing yourself to release the old and make space for the new.

So you continue to have the same old patterns/blocks/limiting beliefs and habits.

When you acknowledge them for what they are (old programs), you can feel them and let them go.

You have to remember to be neutral when doing this and not judge yourself for having these old thoughts or emotions.

It’s a ritual that takes practice and to help you; you can dance or shake your body to release old energy.

Just do whatever feels right for you at this time.

Set the space by lighting candles, playing some meditation music, cleaning your place and then take time to write in a journal.

Set the Intention and Write a List of what you are Ready to Release

Here’s the thing. Most people think that these practices are simple and are not that effective.

Most people are also looking for a quick fix or magic potion to take that will transform them into a different person.

Unfortunately, this is not the way things work.

Spiritual growth and healing is a process, and it takes conscious effort, a lot of work, time and persistence.

So if you’re not willing to do the inner work that it takes, then don’t expect any miracle or Manifestation to appear in your reality!

That’s precisely why I regret not learning about these simple, yet powerful rituals earlier.

It’s because I know that spiritual growth and releasing old conditioning/paradigms/patterns and blocks takes time and continuous effort.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to what you choose to release at the full moon.

What’s ready to be released will come up for you – if you are tuned into your intuition and not your mind – and will guide you.

For example, I’ve been guided to release my past and any traces of a victim mindset. That’s because I realize that holding on to these no longer serves me or my future self and vision.

This intention wasn’t something that I spend the last week thinking about. It’s something which came to me through a series of incidents and self-reflection moments, simply because I am now ready to release it. And more importantly, because I’m continually tuning into my intuition and higher self with meditation, listening to healing music and simply ‘being’.

To learn more about silent meditation and how it can help you re-activate your intuition and manifest faster, read this post.

All the Resources are Available to You

The truth is that all the resources and tips are available on my blog. But not everyone is implementing or doing the work.

And that’s why not everyone is manifesting. Manifestation and spiritual growth is a process which takes continuous effort and work!

So if you feel like you are just reading and learning but not implementing any of the stuff that you are learning, you can work with a Life Coach who can hold you accountable and offer personalized support and guidance.

While my one-on-one coaching is on hold, I will be launching a membership program this summer which will offer step-by-step guidance on a specific topic. So feel free to suggest topics or subscribe to the Soul Collective newsletter to stay updated with the membership feature launch date.

Another thing that I want to release at tomorrow’s full moon is the Wonder Woman role which I took on as part of a dysfunctional family system and which I feel doesn’t align with my higher self.

I already mentioned this in a previous post, and it’s been lingering for a long time now.

So writing the intention down over and over – at each full moon ritual – will help me release it completely.

Consider This Before Your Full Moon Ritual

Another thought pattern and limiting belief that I’m now ready to release is my perspective around being single.

I spoke about this in detail in Monday’s blog post and how I’m now ready to make peace with being single and stop judging myself for it. You can read all about this perspective shift here.

Another block that stands in the way of manifesting any desire is focusing on what you don’t have.

When you set an intention to release focusing on what you don’t have, you let go of resistance and create space for your desire to manifest into your reality.

So all you have to do is set an intention for what you want to release. Then, establish a sacred space for the ritual.  Write down a list of things that you are ready to let go of.

The key here is to connect to your intuition and heart space while doing this.

This can be challenging for many of you as you have been conditioned to operate and live out of the mind.

But that’s why you were guided to this blog. You are here because the content resonates with you, and it can help guide you back to your authentic/higher self.

Full Moon rituals are simple. But most people are not willing to do the work each month.

I have so many new Manifestation Monday, Wellness Wednesday and Future-self Friday blog posts coming up!

I’ll be sharing with you advanced Law of Attraction tips that work.

Stay tuned for a post with the three lists that you need to create to manifest your soul mate.

Until then, have a powerful and positive full moon ritual!

full moon ritual

Release what no longer serves you with a full moon ritual

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