Manifestation Monday: Make Peace with Being Single to Manifest Faster

Happy Manifestation Monday!

I just had a significant realization about my soul mate manifestation journey, and I wanted to share it with you. This piece of information is GOLD!

The Universe is Always Communicating with You

In the second week of January, while in Ubud, Bali on my synchronicity book trip, I met a lovely couple. You can read about the story of how we met and why it was a divine message from the Universe here.

While having lunch at a restaurant in the middle of the lush Ubud rice fields, Aggi (the lady from the Ubud trip) and I were talking about our growth journeys.

I was explaining to her about what I do as a life coach and how I want to help other women manifest their dream partner.

During our discussion, I mentioned my desire of wanting to be in a loving relationship myself. Aggi responded with: “you have to accept where you are.”

This lady’s personality mirrors mine in so many ways. You can read more about this in this post.

But when she spoke these words, something inside of me didn’t resonate with what she was saying. I didn’t like the idea of accepting being single, and I never did!

Little did I know that her words – which didn’t sit well with me at all – were a divine message from the Universe to help me manifest my vision faster!

In reality, this wasn’t the first time that I heard this advice, and I was aware of the concept in theory only, but I wasn’t following it in my life.

Accept Being Single and Stop Judging yourself for it

You must make peace with where you are in your journey and stop judging where you are.

To do this, make peace with being single. Accept that this is your reality for now. You can even like it and think that it’s cool!

The reason behind this is simple. When you don’t make peace with your current single status, you create resistance towards your desire, and this puts you in a frequency loop!

You desire (soul mate) can’t flow to you when you are creating resistance. And you can create resistance in many ways but not being OK with being single is one of them.

The key to manifesting a partner faster is to start making peace with being single and appreciate where you are.

You can even write a list of the things that you appreciate about your life now.

If I were to write a list, I would include being able to travel whenever I want and go wherever my heart desires. I’d have the freedom and time to explore my interests and hobbies, invest in healing and to release old patterns and blocks and to create healthy bonds and connections with other like-minded souls.

This tip is crucial and so powerful that most of us miss it!

The reason is that we all fall into the trap of focusing on what we don’t have instead of what we have and want to create.

Because this is another topic, which is closely related to making peace with being single, you can read more about it here.

All it takes is a simple shift in perspective to start attracting your soul mate vision to you.

So instead of perceiving being single as bad or judging yourself for being less of a person for it, start accepting it as part of your journey. It’s not the end destination, just where you are right now.

Soul Collective Membership Program

I’ll be launching the membership program for my life coaching businessSoul Collective sometime this summer.

I have ideas for topics that I can offer support with. I would also like to hear your suggestions.

Do you have any specific topic that you need support with?

The first round of the membership program will last for one week. It will include daily mini training videos with an exercise at the end of each video.

This first round of the membership will also be Free of charge. It’s the Beta group and membership course.

Let me know in the comments if you have any topics you’d like me to cover with daily training and exercises.

Until then, stay tuned for this week’s Wellness Wednesday blog post. This will give you tips on releasing old energy at the time of the Full Moon!


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Make peace with being single to manifest faster


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