Manifestation Monday: Why You Shouldn’t Focus On What You Don’t Have

Happy Manifestation Monday!

I hope that you are keeping safe and are doing well.

These past two days I’ve been experiencing serious neck/shoulder/upper back pain and stiffness.

I believe it’s a result of overworking my body with house chores.  I’ve been cleaning the entire apartment and balcony, cooking, washing dishes and other at-home chores.

It’s a good thing though. My body is sending me a message to stop my vigorous and unhealthy ways.

We all have old habits and patterns that we developed as we were raised in a certain family dynamic.

When we set the intention that we want to release these harmful habits that no longer serve us, the Universe listens and sends us the lesson in its own unique way.

The discomfort that I’m feeling has caused me to have a very disrupted sleep. I kept waking up throughout the night.

That’s why we all need to be very careful these days when it comes to our health. We should prevent any at-home accidents or medical issues.

What’s interesting is that I always wanted to soften and respect my body more. So I finally got an intense message to propel me towards that version of me that is respectful and gentle with her body.

Another positive aspect of these lockdown days is the feeling of gratitude that a lot of us are tuning into right now.

We are more appreciative of the simple things that we once took for granted. Like being able to go for a long walk or meet friends for coffee.

And because gratitude is a magnet for abundance, I wanted to talk about how feeling grateful for all that you already have can easily attract all your desires to you.

This is also directly related to how when you focus on what you don’t have (which is what most people do), you create resistance and you attract more of the lack of that thing which you don’t have.

Although this is a basic law of attraction concept, a lot of us tend to do the exact opposite of what we should be doing!

Let me explain with the example of being single, since it’s one of my favorite manifestation topics.

If you spend the entire day and night thinking and dwelling about the fact that you are single, then you are just separating yourself further and further from that version of you that’s already in a healthy romantic relationship.

And guess what? the more you focus your energy/thoughts/feelings on the fact that you don’t have a partner, the more you create of exactly that! So by doing that, you are putting conscious effort in distancing yourself from your desire!

If you keep feeling jealous about other couples who are in a healthy relationship, then you are simply separating yourself more and more from your own soul mate vision.

The Universe works with energy and vibration. So if you focus on not having a partner, then you attract more of that lack. Because like energy attracts like. It’s really that simple.

The secret to breaking this vicious cycle is to start feeling the way you would feel if you already had your desire.

So if you feel anxious and worried, start feeling calm and grounded.

If you feel hopeless and sad, switch to feeling excited and content.

There are so many ways to shift from the negative feelings to the new, positive ones.

Feeling grateful for everything that you already have is one. Start counting your blessings instead of what you’re currently lacking.

Actually you shouldn’t be giving the slightest attention to what you don’t have. It’s a trap which keeps you stuck where you are.

Another simple tip to activate joy, excitement and good feelings is to take inspired action.

When you take inspired action towards any goal, you are sending positive energy towards its creation.

This inspired action has to be teamed with faith and trust that your vision is on its way to you.

That way, you can continue to enjoy life and feel good while waiting – because you know that you are destined to manifest your desire.

You can read a post about the difference between taking inspired action versus striving action here.

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To end this post, I want to remind you about the importance of moving your body. This will release stuck energy, especially during these challenging times.

I only started with a simple, 18-minute stretching video to strengthen my back and shoulders. But you can do whatever activity feels right for you.

Stay tuned for a future Wellness Wednesday blog post with some useful tips body movement activities.

Until then, stay positive and stay strong!


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