How to Control Your Energy and Feel Good Every Day

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s post is inspired by what happened this morning and last night.

I honestly feel like my energy is drained and has been zapped by some external source.

control your energyAlthough it’s the Full Moon days and that’s partly why there’s another reason.

I log into my Twitter this morning – after I meditate, have breakfast and set my energy for the day – to be exposed to back-to-back posts of a recent negative news story that happened in an Arab country.

I took a look at one of the videos quickly before re-tweeting one of my blog posts – which is why I logged into Twitter – and then signed out.

Because this topic is so important, I’m dedicating two separate posts to talk about it.

The first one is today’s post, and the second will be on Monday and is specific to how manifesting is affected by what you consume.

The thing is, now that most of us are staying at home, we are all spending more time on social media to stay informed and connected.

I honestly think that it’s excellent and essential to connect with others, especially when you live alone and have no one to talk to all day. It’s also good to stay updated with what’s happening in the world and the news.

What’s counterproductive and harmful for one’s energy is spending too much time on social media and not being selective to who you follow or what content you expose yourself to.

Control Your Energy: Be Selective with Who you Follow

There’s a simple way to identify if the social media accounts you’re following are suitable for your emotional wellbeing and mental health or not.

Just observe how you feel after reading someone’s post or even just consuming their content.

Does it make you feel bad about yourself? Does it make you feel horrible about your life situation and lifestyle?

Do you feel down and depressed after viewing their content? Are you feeling sad and lonely? Do you feel stuck and discouraged?

Whatever negative emotions you feel after consuming any content on socials is a direct signal of whether you should keep following this account or not.

Let’s say that you follow news accounts, do you need to know what’s happening in every hour or minute?

Maybe try to limit checking the news stories to once a day. How does that sound? News is just repeating itself over the decades – it’s a fact.

I stopped checking the news for twenty years or so. It’s my way of protecting my energy and vibration.

If there’s an essential piece of news that’s detrimental to my existence, then trust me, it will somehow find its way to me. Either through a friend, a tweet or an email newsletter. It always does. This way of living has never failed me once.

Let’s say that you come across a negative news story and are feeling negative emotions; why not choose how to feel?

You can read this recent blog post and discover how you can control your emotions during this season and at any time!

Control Your Energy: Limit your Social Media Exposure

I already practice this, and I even stopped creating content daily – because I don’t feel like it!

These days, I’m always logged out of Instagram, and I only sign in when I want to post something new to my feed or want to check a specific account or content.

I do this not only to protect my energy but also to leave space for new things to come into my life.

I can proudly say that it’s a sage move and I’ve manifested so many magical things daily by doing this.

If you want to stay updated or promote your business, dedicate some time in your day for this. Log in to the platform, create the content, check a few updates and then sign out.

Don’t spend the entire day on social media. There’s so much that you can do with that time. Explore a new hobby, get active, read a book or articles, meditate, dance, invest in self-care or even do nothing!

We all Make Mistakes

Manifest your Soul Mate Now

I don’t write this post to make you feel bad about your habits or lifestyle. I write it from my personal experience and to help you get closer to manifesting a magical reality for yourself.

I’ll end by sharing a small example from my life, where I was consuming low vibration energy. And it wasn’t on social media.

Since I started my healing journey about four years ago, I would play different meditation and healing tunes at home.

Most recently, I had this shamanic healing CD that I was playing every single evening while I had dinner.

While these healing tunes and meditation music can be helpful for one’s spiritual growth, the vibration that comes with some of them is very low.

I no longer wanted to play this type of low vibe music. Instead, I have other relaxing music CD’s that are not focused on healing or spiritual growth.

So after seven months of non-stop playing of this one-hour long healing playlist, I finally took out the CD and replaced it with another chilled, uplifting one.

I can’t tell you how much of a difference this made to the energy in my living room!

It’s one thing to do the inner work and healing to grow and evolve, but there’s no need to stay stuck in that low vibe energy.

I genuinely hope that you found this post useful, and I look forward to sharing this topic from a manifestation angle on Monday.

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