Manifestation 101: How I Manifested the Best Starbucks in Dubai!

Happy Manifestation Monday! The energy in the past week or so was so intense and potent. I’ve been feeling emotional, having all sorts of weird/vivid dreams and getting old memories and unresolved feelings from past incidents.

We’re also still experiencing the powerful Mercury Retrograde energy. This Retrograde energy will last until October 18.

Manifestation 101: Practice Manifesting the Small Stuff

If you’re into the Law of Attraction and have been using it for some time, then you will know that the process is exactly the same for practicing small and big stuff. This is why I encourage you to practice manifesting the small stuff to grow your confidence in the LOA process and attract the big stuff with ease.

This blog post explains why manifesting the small stuff helps and how you can start practicing this in your daily life.

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Mini Manifesting Steps – an Example

This morning, I’m writing this blog post from a Starbucks store that just opened about a month ago. I actually manifested this store by taking inspired action for about three months. Let me share the story to help you understand the process.

  1. I’ve been working from different coffee shops and specifically Starbucks stores for most of the summer. This is mainly because I now have noisy neighbors who moved in next door. The Universe sent them to me to make me step outside of the apartment.  Also, to make me consider moving to a different country for part of the year – but that’s another story.
  2. One day, I decided to have lunch at a Japanese street food eatery. You can read all about the experience here. After lunch, I walked over to a nearby Starbucks store to work from my laptop. When I got there, I discovered that it was a tiny shop with two stool chairs and that mainly caters for takeaway.
  3. What happened next, was magical. As I was walking into the store, a local lady also walked into that store and ordered something to drink and eat. Because the store is really small, she overheard me asking the Barista about the nearest Starbucks store that I can go to since this one wasn’t really suitable for dine-in and it was a small store.
  4. When the local lady heard the conversation, she immediately recommended a new Starbucks store in the area but further down the road. She said that the store was not yet on Google Maps since it was brand new but she gave me directions.
  5. The Baristas also tried to help and give me directions so I could find it. I have to add that this area is not near my neighborhood and is in a different part of Dubai from where I live.
  6. After these conversations with the woman and the Baristas, I decided to venture out and try to find that new store. I took an Uber driver who turned out to be the most patient and kind cab driver that I ever met! You can read all about this here.
  7. The Uber driver actually took me to the new Starbucks and he mentioned that it was new. But when I looked at a building complex across the street from that store, I decided to pass. This was mainly because I visited an organic store in that building across the street and I didn’t like the vibe of the place. So I thought that going to a Starbucks across the road wouldn’t be a good idea and I ended up going to another new store that day. Well, I was wrong!
  8. About two weeks later, I came across a Google review for a Starbucks store. It was clearly the best store in Dubai. The reviews mainly said that the staff are kind and friendly, the service is great and that it’s a clean store.
  9. I came to this store last week and I was so impressed with everything! The staff were friendly, smiling and kind. The store is on two floors and the setup is perfect for working on a laptop. The service is great and it’s a clean store.
  10. I also realized that I manifested this store using the law of proximity. There’s another Starbucks store in a nearby community center that I used to go to a couple of times. Although it wasn’t the perfect store to work from – it was very busy and noisy. The space didn’t offer privacy, I had to go there a few times before I could manifest this perfect one where I am now!


Taking Inspired Action is the Secret

The main thing that helped me manifest this Starbucks was taking inspired action. Inspired action is not logical or rational and it doesn’t come from your mind. Inspired action is sparked by your intuition. If I was choosing which cafe to work from based on the convenience to my building, then I would’ve never manifested this store.

When manifesting using the Law of Attraction, you want to always take inspired action versus striving action. This blog post explains the difference between the two.

Trust me, like you – I was conditioned by my family to always do what’s practical, convenient and logical.

And that doesn’t work when manifesting using LOA. What works is developing, trusting and following your intuition. Learn how to do this from this blog post.

Your reality will completely shift when you start following your intuition instead of your mind and what seems logical or rational.

The Universe is all about energy and movement. It’s not about using your mind to figure things out or any thought process.

It’s about doing things differently, stepping outside of your comfort zone and following your intuition and inspiration.

How this Applies to Manifesting a Partner

What’s cool about the Law of Attraction is that the process is the same no matter what you’re manifesting.

So if I wanted to manifest a partner, I would need to step outside of my comfort zone.  Explore more and go where it feels right.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing next month. I’m making a two-week trip to a new destination which I feel called to explore.

I didn’t travel since the start of the pandemic and I’m excited to see a new place. I’ll be writing blog posts and sharing all about my destination and the synchronicities that I experience.

Manifestation Guide

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What small thing did you manifest lately? Let me know in the comments!


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Manifestation 101: Law of attraction tips

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