Self-love Challenge: Do One Self-love Ritual Daily

It’s 4:34 pm and I’m sat at a Starbucks that I manifested! Today, I decided to switch up my routine and I’ve been following the signs and my intuition since I left my apartment at around 12:45.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been running my errands and going outside in the mornings only. Well, let’s say this was my routine since the start of the pandemic!

Apart from a few evenings – when I went out to celebrate friends’ birthdays or my own birthday, I would spend my afternoons and evenings at my apartment and I wouldn’t step outside at all.

It’s been about two months since my vegan meal plan company stopped delivering meals. And I’ve been planning and making my own meals since then.

Although I enjoyed the process, I decided to treat myself to an authentic Japanese lunch today to take a break from the meal planning and cooking.

At first, I was planning to check out a newly opened Japanese street food eatery. I even booked myself a table and then cancelled it after reading reviews about the place being unsanitary with dirt and food on the floor!

I’m so glad that I went to a spot that I’ve been wanting to try for a really long time: Reif Kushiyaki 

Find your Favorite Places

This pandemic has truly helped me align my lifestyle to my personality. Instead of going to places that are convenient for me to get to, I now explore and look for spots that resonate with my soul and feel good.

Today was one of those days – where I followed my intuition and the signs.

I started my day by cancelling the booking at the new ‘dirty’ restaurant and booking at an authentic spot that I’ve always wanted to try.

The food was exceptional, the service super friendly and warm and the energy of the place felt right.

Let me share some pictures from today’s lunch to encourage you to treat yourself and nurture your soul on a daily basis.

authentic Japanese food

Green salad bowl with miso caramelized walnuts

self-love ritual

Raw tuna

Self-love ritual: Otoro

Mushroom clay pot rice

Authentic Japanese food in Dubai

Find your true self

Vanilla ice cream

self-love ritual

Japanese earl grey tea

Reif’s head chef was at the restaurant when I was there. He’s there 80% of the time I was told.

The great thing about this spot is that they have a specials board with their best-seller dishes and other new ones that change weekly. I’m definitely going back to try some of their other specials and most popular dishes.

Follow the Signs

After my lovely lunch, I walked over to a nearby Starbucks – which turned out to be a small store for takeaway only.

But what happened there was proof that my energy shifted. A lady who went in right before me and was having a snack at one of two bench seating areas heard me ask the Barista for another nearby Starbucks and suggested a place.

The only thing was that the Starbucks they were suggesting to me was apparently new and not on Google maps.

I ended up taking an Uber driver who was recommending Starbucks locations to me! He was the most kind, thoughtful and patient Uber driver that I ever met! He’s been working as a cab driver in Dubai for the past sixteen years.

So we were exploring Starbucks store options together on the Uber app and he suggested that I check out this new Drive Thru store that’s not too far from my area.

That’s where I am now and it’s a really bright store with big glass windows and light throughout the space.

Although it’s a store located between two schools, so it’s packed with students and it’s noisy, I don’t mind because my vibration shifted.

The staff here are so friendly and I feel good hanging out here. So it’s all about how I feel and not about the external noise or environment.

Daily self-love ritual

Daily self-love ritual



How can you do one self-care or self-love ritual daily?

What can you do to switch up your routine to manifest clues and signs?

How can you start following your intuition and trusting its guidance?

What can you do to shift your vibration and feel good?

What brings you joy and makes you happy? Are you a foodie? A coffee lover? Do you like to explore new places in your town?

Let me know how you’re shifting your vibration and nurturing your soul today.

I wanted this to be a different type of blog post and I just shared what I like to do when I feel depleted and exhausted 🙂

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

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