Switch Things Up to Manifest Clues and Synchronicity Signs

Have you ever wondered how to manifest clues and synchronicity signs?

If you’re feeling depleted and emotional these days, it’s mainly because of Mercury Retrograde.

Luckily, today Mercury goes direct and then we’re in the post-shadow period until July 7.

I’m so looking forward to this season ending because it was intense on so many levels.

We’re also in the Full Moon in Capricorn energy these days and that’s another draining and emotional time.

I’m so grateful that I’m working from home today and that so far, it’s been quiet and the neighbors are keeping the peace.

I wanted to share a tip that I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post. It’s all about what you can do to manifest clues about your desire.

The reason that I’m repeating this tip is because I’ve had a powerful clue show up for me on Saturday. So I wanted to share the story to inspire you to switch things up in your life.

What I did Differently

On Saturday, I went to have breakfast at a random place in the other side of town. Although there was nothing special about that spot, I just felt like going there and so I did.

Although the restaurant took ages to make and serve my breakfast, the synchronicity signs that followed were so worth it.

Instead of having a specific place to go to for coffee after my breakfast, I decided to walk to a nearby mall and explore options.

After walking for a while, my intuition led me to a tiny coffee shop kiosk that I wanted to visit for a long time.

But because it’s easy to miss that place, I never made it there until Saturday.

As soon as I entered, I felt that the vibe was totally different. The Barista was Indonesian and he was a coffee consultant.

This is a powerful coincidence because my dream life includes living in Bali and going to soulful, authentic coffee shops.

I used to follow these coffee accounts on Instagram and that’s why I manifested this place so effortlessly.

The coffee consultant was new to the store though and he only joined three months ago.

After my unique coffee break, I took a different route back to the mall where I was and from there, I went outside to the metro station.

Take Different Routes and Switch Them Up

Walking down a new route – wherever you are – is so simple yet powerful when it comes to manifesting clues and synchronicity signs.

As I mentioned, I walked through a different route to get back to that mall.

I then decided that I was too tired to make lunch – Retrograde energy kicking in – so I called a Japanese restaurant to ask which metro station is closest to it.

Although I passed the nearest metro station, I simply stopped at the next one and took a cab to the homegrown, soulful eatery.

I had a lovely salad and sushi lunch, before heading out and choosing to walk down the stairs instead of take the elevator.

The Japanese restaurant is located at an old fishing village mall. It has two floors and I chose to take the stairs to shake things up.

That’s when the most powerful clue showed up for me! As I waited to get a cab from the main road, a couple of cabs passed by and didn’t stop. I wondered why and then I got my answer.

After a few minutes of waiting, an airport taxi stopped. I asked if I could take it and the driver said yes.

What’s powerful is that I got a message that I should travel from someone who I met recently at a local Starbucks.

I wrote about the story in last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post. You can read it here.

The airport cab and driver that showed up was another powerful sign from the Universe guiding me to travel!

It’s such a clear sign that absolutely can’t be missed! airport taxis in Dubai usually refuse to take passengers to a place other than the airport.

I even asked this cab driver if it was OK for him to take me and he said that it’s totally fine.

The entire ride back home, I couldn’t help but think about how powerful the Universe is and that if you’re in doubt, just ask.

I’ve been asking the Universe and my spirit guides for the next clue in my soulmate manifestation journey in my meditation.

And now that I have my answer, I’m planning a trip for September. I need time to apply for a visa and process things.

Plus, I prefer to avoid the busy travel season this summer. So I want to travel in early September.

I hope that you found this simple and practical tip useful. Let me know what you’re struggling with when it comes to manifesting a partner.

synchronicity signs

synchronicity signs


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