Manifestation Monday: How to Live your Best Life, Now!

If you have ever wondered how to live your best life, read on.

I’m writing this blog post from a Starbucks in a neighbourhood other than the one where I live. You wouldn’t believe what just happened.

First off, let me share today’s manifestation tip.

I wrote a ‘Dating Sunday’ blog post about living a fulfilling life and not waiting for your person to show up. You can read the post here.

Trust me, I know what it feels like when you start using the law of attraction and you feel anxious about your desire.

I was living from that state for a really long time. I would be wondering when will the person show up and where is he?!

It would be normal to spend my days in planning mode and thinking of ways to make things happen in my love life.

I also spent about a year and a half processing inner child therapy work. And luckily, this was at the time of the pandemic so it made sense to stay at home and integrate the work.

The truth is, when you’re manifesting a partner, you want to live as if it already happened.

You want to be in a state of bliss and good vibes at least most of the time.

I can tell you that in the past year and a half, I wasn’t living from a vibration of having my desire.

It was mostly living from a longing and desperation state of being. I was not feeling neutral.

If you feel like you’re not living your best life now, I would encourage you to do the deep inner work to release your blocks and limiting beliefs.

That’s the only way that you can get to this exciting manifestation stage.

I say this because I wasn’t always living from this place of trust and surrender. Like I said, I used to feel very anxious and worried about my desire showing up.

It wasn’t until I did the deep inner work to release my blocks and limiting beliefs that I started leaning into trust and surrender.

And it wasn’t until very recently, that I started feeling neutral about my soulmate manifestation. Can you believe it?

I now feel like I want to travel and explore the world. Whether this comes with a partner or not, it’s kind of irrelevant to me right now.

OK, now that I shared with you today’s tip, let me tell you what just happened.

I came to this specific Starbucks because I wanted to get a beach bag from a store in this mall.

So I don’t usually visit this mall unless I want to get something specific from this cool store.

After about 90 minutes of sitting here, a guy shows up in a Harley Davidson graphic T-shirt and print cloth face mask!

He also asked if he could join my corner – and table – so that he can watch his bike from this spot!

Since he had his shiny red motor bike parked outside the Starbucks, he wanted to keep an eye out on it while he was having his coffee.

This story is so powerful because I’m manifesting a man who rides a motor bike.

On top of that, his parents are Italian and he grew up in Canada. So another synchronicity!

Why? because I’m manifesting an Italian man! I had a conversation with him and that’s how I know all these details.

I’m so grateful that I chose to sit at this Starbucks and to hang out here for this long!

This is a powerful sign that my person is on his way! the guy even showed me a picture and a video of his bike – to make my manifesting more powerful!

Plus, he shared with me the story of how he bought this bike for a good price from a local person. The entire story.

I hope that my personal synchronicity stories will help you believe in the law of attraction and start using it.

I want to know, which stage of the manifestation process are you currently at? let me know in the comments!

Happy Manifestation Monday!


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