How to Manifest Clues about your Desire

What many of my community struggle with is trusting that their desire is on the way.

If this sounds like you, the main reason you find it difficult to trust is that you don’t see evidence of this in your daily life.

And most probably, it’s because you’re not connected to your intuition and living in alignment with the Universe.

I wrote a blog post earlier about why you find it challenging to trust the manifestation process.

In that post, I explain how most of us are conditioned to live from a mind-identified place.

The truth is that this is not the space where magic happens or things manifest!

I know this for a fact because I used to live from that place as well. Like you, I was raised to live from the mind, not the heart or intuition.

What Steps can you Take Now to Manifest Clues

There are two main things that can help you manifest clues about your desire.

  1. Developing your intuition through meditation. You can learn how to do this with three practical steps in this post.
  2. Release the old identity, thought patterns, limiting beliefs and blocks. You can do this with the support of a certified coach.

When did I Start Seeing Signs and Clues?

I can honestly tell you that I only started to see powerful messages related to manifesting love when I did the deep inner work and healing.

It can take time to do the inner work and process it. But it’s so worth it and it’s the only way that you can become a master manifester.

Doing the spiritual growth and healing work is what basically shifted my old identity and helped me uncover my true self.

Because your authentic self is aligned with the Universal energy, seeing signs and clues becomes effortless.

If you want a more detailed and practical list of the steps to take to start seeing synchronicity in your life, subscribe to the Soul Collective newsletter and get a free guide on exactly that!

How can Seeing Clues Help you Manifest Faster

Let me share a simple story from this morning. I was walking in the neighborhood and going to my usual spot, where I sit and talk to my Instagram community.

I saw a lady wearing a pair of trainers with the word ‘love’ on the shoe strap in bold, colorful letters!

This simple message is a reminder from the Universe that my partner is on his way to me.

When I see evidence that my desire is coming, I can lean into trust and surrender and this speeds up the manifesting.

I’ll be talking about the two main things that can fast-track your manifesting in a future post.

I want to know, are you at the manifestation stage where you’re seeing evidence about your desire in your life?

My one-on-one coaching is open for the month of March. I have limited spots available, so feel free to contact me or book a session here. I can do in-person sessions in Dubai Marina and online coaching as well.

And feel free to ask any manifestation-related questions or share what exactly you’re struggling with when it comes to manifesting!


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