Self-Improvement Tips: Three Practical Steps for Reactivating your Intuition

Are you looking for self-improvement tips?

One of the things that helped me get into alignment and start seeing signs about my soulmate dream life is tuning into my intuition.

Once I started getting spiritual messages about the nationality of the person who I’m manifesting, the process becomes so exciting and fun!

Because you can only manifest what’s part of you and who you are in essence, tuning into your intuition to receive guidance is so important.

This is what fast-tracks your manifesting because you start seeing back-to-back signs that your desire is on its way to you.

And these spiritual messages give you more confidence in the process, which also helps speed it up!

I wrote a blog post earlier about developing your intuition in the lockdown life and how it’s a golden opportunity for that.

Today’s post is more about the three main practical steps to tune into your intuition and start following spiritual guidance.

Three Practical and Powerful Steps to Re-activate your Intuition

  1. Meditate daily. I know it’s a basic thing and I keep talking about it. But meditation is the best and most effective way to tune into your intuition and get into alignment. Aim to do fifteen minutes of silent meditation daily and then increase the time to twenty and thirty minutes when you can. Don’t forget to visualize your dream life and partner in your meditation session.
  2. Cut the noise. This includes social media accounts that are not aligned with who you are and make you feel bad about yourself or life, the news and any negative content or people. I wrote a blog post about what this can do to your manifesting process, and you can read it here. When you cut the distractions and the outside noise that’s not serving you, you have more clarity and create space for the spiritual guidance and messages to come in. It’s that simple.
  3. Move your body. This is especially important if you were raised in a home where your parents were mind-identified and not connected to their heart space and emotions. Why move your body regularly and connect to your heart space?  To access a new realm or dimension, and that’s the spiritual one! This is the point where all the signs and guidance can access your energy body. When you’re in your mind all the time, you’re disconnected from this magical energy and way of being.

I can guarantee you this. By following the above simple yet powerful self-improvement tips, you’ll start reactivating your intuition. You’ll start receiving magical messages and guidance from the Universe and your spirit guides.

Feel free to comment with any thoughts and let me know how connected you feel to your intuition?


Self-improvement tips

Self-improvement tips for re-activating your intuition

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