Align your Daily Routine to your Future Self

Mercury Pre-Shadow Phase

Today marks the start of the next Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow phase. I already experienced a couple of incidents while I was out running errands.

The next retrograde starts on September 27 and lasts until October 18.

Now is a good time to be mindful of your routine, backup your data and pay special attention to your intuition.

There’s a New Moon in Virgo tonight as well. If you feel called to do a New Moon manifestation ritual, check out this blog post.

I truly hope that this retrograde season won’t be as intense as the last one. In the last one, I had an Amazon parcel get lost in transit and then I received it months later or after the retrograde ended!

How are you feeling these days? I have mixed feelings about my life – let me explain.

Align your Daily Routine to your Soul Essence/Future Self

Your future self – who already has that dream career/lifestyle/partner and everything that you dream of – is also your soul essence.

Your true self is always there, it’s just buried under the layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs.

I personally am still aligning my lifestyle and personality to my true, authentic self.

For example, I’ve always been a foodie. While I used to practice cooking on weekends, I had a meal meal delivery service on weekdays. So I didn’t really invest in learning or making new dishes. And I mean simple dishes – nothing complicated.

Now that the meal plan company stopped their delivery services, I was forced to finally explore my love for food and cooking.

I spend a lot of time these days planning meals, deciding on recipes and going grocery shopping. This is how I’m getting closer to my future self and ultimately my dream life.

Another example that I’m just realizing these days is that I don’t really need to start my day with being productive and getting some work done.

This morning, I needed to get pet supplies for my Betta fish – which was a gift for my 41st birthday.

So I switched up my routine and instead of taking my laptop with me to the coffee shop, I just went to have coffee and a muffin.

I spent some time checking updates and other random stuff. Then went to the pet store and then went grocery shopping.

This is one example of how I can start my day differently. Tomorrow, I plan to go for coffee and then go for a short walk in a park on the way to the grocery store.

What if your current lifestyle is the complete opposite of the one that your future self is living? It’s OK. You can start making small changes and aligning yourself to your future vision.

I might not even write blogs in the future, but here I am sitting here writing a blog post.

So I’m not saying that you have to completely shift your lifestyle 180 degrees to match that of your dream life. I just want you to start looking at your habits and maybe aligning them to your future self.

What’s even more important, is how you feel. How does your future self feel and how do you feel now? Are the two aligned?

Let me share how I feel.

Accepting Being Single

I shared in the past about how I never really accepted being single 100%. Although I enjoy being independent and freedom is my number one personal value, I still long for partnership. I don’t really look at being single with a positive light or perspective.

When manifesting, it’s important to make peace with being single and accept your life exactly as it is. You can read this blog post about the topic.

Sometimes, I make peace with being single and then something happens that makes me resent it.

Like today, I was at the grocery store shopping for anchovy fillets for a salad that I plan to make.

I found a big pack of fresh anchovy fillets and I asked the staff at the fish section if there was a smaller pack. He replied with: “No, this is too much for one.”

These are the types of situations that remind me of my single status. Of course, it’s a small thing and a first world problem but I thought of sharing it to explain how I feel about being single.

Paradoxically, I just booked a table for one at a newly opened Japanese street-food restaurant. I’m still waiting for the confirmation but if I go on Wednesday, I’ll share some pictures.

I don’t really mind doing things alone – I’ve always lived this way and I’m super independent.

If you ask me how I feel about it, I would tell you that I’m not really proud of it and I don’t like living from a masculine energy all day.

I think I will truly appreciate the support of a partner when I have one. When that happens, I will be living my dream life of ‘Dolce Far Niente’ – to a certain extent.

I won’t be completely doing nothing – a psychic predicted that I will be the co-founder of a cafe with my partner. But I certainly will be doing less than what I do now and I won’t be leading with my masculine energy.

This is why I mentioned that you don’t have to match your current life to your future one 100% – It can be challenging to do this – just try to align your energy as much as you can to your dream life and future vision.

Let me know if you have any questions or topic suggestions for future Manifestation Monday posts.

Happy Manifesting!

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