New Moon Ritual: How to Script your Soulmate Wish List

It’s a new moon in Sagittarius and a solar eclipse and the energy is intense.

I felt so drained yesterday and I could barely get any work any done or even take a shower!

This new moon is all about ease and flow. And as always, new moons are times for new beginnings and for us to ask the Universe for what we want.

For a practical guide about setting intentions at the new moon and how this works, check this blog post.

Why you should avoid thinking about what you Don’t Want

The Universe is literal when it comes to delivering your desire.

So if you think, speak and talk about what you don’t want, you get exactly that!

The Universe doesn’t take negatives. So if you think and speak about what you don’t want, you manifest it into your reality.

And that’s exactly what happened with me recently.

I was too focused on the fact that I don’t want to date someone who has kids or want kids, that I manifested exactly that!

What made my request even more powerful is that I wrote it in my soulmate list multiple times and spoke about it with a friend!

The result was attracting a profile of a man who was divorced with three kids. The complete opposite of what I wanted. But hey, that’s where I focused my thoughts and energy!

New Moon Ritual: Law of Attraction Rule of Thumb

As a rule, only think, focus and speak about what you want.

If there’s anything that you don’t want, then just don’t think about it, talk about it or focus your energy onto it.

It might sound simple, but what most people do is focus on what they don’t want. That’s why you keep attracting exactly that!

I recently had a conversation with a friend and she kept sharing with me everything that she doesn’t want in a partner.

She said that she didn’t want someone who resembled her ex, didn’t want someone religious or who doesn’t respect or value her.

When I asked her to flip all these traits and write down what she really wants, she came up with a very clear and specific list of traits!

It’s so easy to focus on what you don’t want. And the beauty of doing the inner work and finding your true self is getting to know exactly what you’re looking for in a partner.

How to write your Soulmate Wish List

I don’t agree with dating coaches or relationship experts who say that you should throw away the list and be open.

Because if we did that, then we wouldn’t be manifesting using the law of attraction!

In fact, when manifesting with the law of attraction, you want to be as clear and specific as possible.

I wrote a post about scripting your soulmate vision or dream life earlier and you can read it here.

Scripting or writing your soulmate list is similar. It’s just more focused on the traits (both physical and characteristics) of the man that you’re manifesting.

When writing your list, make sure that it’s in the present tense and that there are no negatives at all.

Every single point has to be something that you want.

And if there’s something that you don’t want, then either think of the opposite and write that down or just ignore it.

The more specific you are in your list, the faster the Universe can deliver your desire to you.

Make sure that you’re not indecisive in any aspect because this slows down the process.

You want to be crystal clear about the man’s traits, what he does, where does he live, what are his hobbies (if you can).

And know that if you forget to mention anything, then the Universe won’t deliver it. It’s really that simple.

Reverse Engineer the Process

Once you’ve written down the list, reverse the traits to see if you have them yourself.

This step is so important because you can’t manifest what’s not authentic to you.

You can read more about this law of attraction concept in this blog post.

So let’s say you want to manifest someone who has an athletic and fit body and is in good shape, but you’re not active yourself, then you can’t have this desire because you’re not a match to it.

Once you’ve written your list, trust that the Universe will deliver your desire to you.

Because if you have any doubt in the manifestation process, then you won’t be receiving the clues and the signs about your soulmate life.

I truly hope that you make the most of this powerful New Moon in Sagittarius and solar eclipse energy and write down your list.

Do you already have your New Moon Ritual list? Are you getting to know yourself better with each day and making changes?

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to manifesting?

Let me know! I would love to support you in your soulmate manifestation journey!

new moon ritual

New Moon Ritual: Scripting your soulmate wish list

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