Best Manifestation Tip: You Manifest What You Think About

Happy Manifestation Monday!

Today’s best manifestation tip is so basic yet most people aren’t aware of it.

It’s a universal law and it can have a huge impact on your life.

This important law of attraction rule is that you manifest what you think about.

So if you’re spending most of your day thinking about what you don’t want, then guess what? you will attract more of that.

The key to break this pattern is to simply bring awareness to your thoughts at all times.

Self-awareness is a skill that you can learn and improve with practice.

Just be mindful of every single thought that you’re having and if you notice that it’s not aligned with what you want, change it.

There’s so much power in thought and it literally creates your reality.

The truth is that you’re constantly manifesting. But whether it’s something that you want or don’t, greatly depends on your own thought process.

Let me share with you an example from my personal life.

These days, I feel like I gained weight because of the idle lockdown life. I find myself looking at my belly and thinking to myself: “I’m chubby.”

As soon as I have this thought, I immediately realize that it’s not a good thought to think because I don’t want to create more of being overweight and chubby. So I simply acknowledge this and let the thought go.

Each time I have the same thought, I do the same process. I acknowledge that it’s not what I want to manifest in my reality and I let it go.

Manifestation is a practice and you get better at it by doing certain things right.

Like everything else, it takes a great level of awareness and practice to get it right.

What’s interesting about this concept is that you have the power to create what you want with your thoughts. So choose wisely.

The Universe doesn’t know the difference between a thought that you want to bring into your reality and one that you don’t.

All it knows is that you’re having a certain thought that carries a certain energy to it. Energy turns into physical manifestation and that’s how the law of attraction basically works.

I also notice that some friends compare themselves or their lives to others.

This is another way that you’re asking the Universe to give you what you don’t want.

Simply focus on you. Don’t compare yourself or life to anyone. Everyone is on their own, unique journey.

Comparing yourself to others makes you feel bad about yourself and puts you in a victim mindset.

This is the worst thing that you can do in your manifestation journey. It lowers your vibration too.

If you only recognized the power that your thoughts have, you wouldn’t think a negative thought ever again in your entire life!

Focus on gratitude instead. Focus on your own spiritual growth and what you want to create into your reality.

There are so many magical things to focus your thoughts on! be very mindful and choose your thoughts wisely.

I hope you enjoyed this best manifestation tip. In next week’s Manifestation Monday post, I’ll be talking about how scrolling on social media is bad for your manifestation process.

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Best Manifestation tip

Best Manifestation tip

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