Wellness Wednesday: My Healthy Routine During Lockdown – Part One

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Today, I feel grateful for my food supplies delivery from Kibsons. Thankfully, I managed to get everything that I ordered, and only the raspberries were out of stock.

Getting groceries and food delivered has a special meaning during a pandemic.

Before this morning’s delivery, my fridge was almost empty except for a few eggs, red chilies and non-dairy milk cartons.

This season taught us to appreciate everything that we have and practice gratitude at an amplified level.

It’s now more important than ever for us to count our blessings. We must be grateful for every single thing that we have.

There are so many positives to this pandemic that I want to dedicate a separate post to talk about them.

I’ll focus on one of these silver linings today, and that’s the creation of a healthy routine for my daily life.

Why is a Healthy Routine Important?

The reason that I don’t leave my apartment these days – apart from the safety reasons – is that I find that I can accomplish so much and live in close alignment with my authentic self.

When you can live from a space of honoring your authentic self, everything flows in your life. You can manifest faster and with so much ease!

I also wrote about how this season is a perfect opportunity to re-activate your intuition in this post.

Living in lockdown also helped me lead a balanced lifestyle and invest an equal amount of energy into all areas of my life.

Let me explain by sharing a typical day – and of course, this healthy routine evolves and changes as I do.

Develop a Weekday Healthy Routine

To keep track of the weekdays and weekends in this lockdown season, it’s good to have a routine for weekdays and to switch things up over the weekend. That way, you will stay committed to the healthy routine, and you won’t get bored or feel like it’s just a repetition of the same tasks each day.

5:30 – I set my alarm to 5:30 am on most days. Sometimes, I wake up earlier or later, depending on how early I went to bed and the quality of my sleep in the previous night.

6:30 – I spend the first hour in making my bed, using the washroom and sitting silently to meditate.

I choose to sit inside the apartment with the balcony windows open. That way, I can hear the sound of the birds chirping, and that’s my focus for the meditation. It’s normal for thoughts to come and go. I bring my awareness back to the sounds and my breathing to help me stay present. Silent meditation is my favorite grounding tool or alignment practice. It’s how I set the energy for the rest of my day, and it helps me stay centered and mindful through the day.

7:30 – It depends on the time that I wake up, but if I’m up at 5:30, then I will be finished with breakfast at around 7:30 am.

Workday Begins!

7:30 or 8:00 (depending on what time I woke up and how long my meditation was for) is the time when I start my workday. Before starting the day, I go over the tasks and prioritize or time block. 

Time-blocking is a helpful way to make sure that you get everything that you want to be done. It also makes you set aside a specific amount of time for each task on your to-do-list. If you feel like there won’t be enough for a particular job, you can move it to the next day.

I also follow my intuition when it comes to deciding what tasks to do each day. So many times, I would have an item on my to-do-list, and I would choose to postpone it to another day, simply because I don’t feel like handling it on the day.

This is important because it means that you are connected to your feelings and intuition and not your mind.

I aim to work for a maximum of five hours each day. Some days, it can go past this. And sometimes I take longer breaks to have a snack, practice a new language or do laundry. This, of course, means that the number of hours will be longer and that’s OK.

1:00 – Lunch break for me is at 1:00. That’s when I either heat my vegan meal plan lunch or make my own. This week, for example, I’ve been cooking almost daily because the meal plans are on hold for the Eid holiday. I don’t mind it, and I enjoy trying new recipes and improving my cooking skills.

I like to listen to a podcast episode or two while I make/have lunch. These are always wellness, healing, spiritual, manifestation related podcasts. Sometimes, I will listen to other topics like food or business growth. I mostly enjoy the ones in the spiritual growth/healing/manifestation niche.

2:30 – I usually finish lunch by 2:30 (I don’t necessarily start eating at 1:00 pm sharp, and I’m a foodie, so I like to take my time while having a meal). Most days, I take a short break after lunch to check a few things online or research stuff. To create a gap between eating and moving on to the next task – washing dishes!

3:00 – Because I’m particular when I wash dishes, this takes around an hour with cleaning and throwing out the garbage if there’s any.

4:30 – At around 4:30 is when I choose to do some dance workout, stretch my body or dance to Osho celebration songs (this is another form of meditation).

5:30 – After training or moving my body, I will take a shower and do some form of self-care. This can be using a clarifying face mask, a body scrub, grooming my nails, soaking my feet in a salt bath or any other type of self-care that I feel like doing.

Since it’s 1:00 pm now, I will end this post here and continue my daily routine in a future blog post.

I’m still working on my routine, so this is not the final one, but it’s a good start.

My evening routine is all about winding down and relaxing. My weekend routine is also a bit less structured and more laid-back.

Stay tuned for Part Two of my daily lockdown life routine in a future post!


Healthy Routine

Healthy Routine: My daily lockdown life routine


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