Manifestation Monday: How to Script your Soulmate Vision

Happy Manifestation Monday! I thought of writing a post with tips on how to script your soulmate vision so it can help you in manifesting.

There are two parts to the scripting as you can choose to write a soulmate wish list, a soulmate vision or both!

I personally like doing both scripting methods as they make up the whole vision.

Let me start by explaining how you can script the dream vision and life that you will share with your partner.

How to Script the Soulmate Vision

Your soulmate vision is where you get to imagine how your future life with your partner will be.

What you need to understand is that you’re worthy of any dream life that you can imagine yourself living.

Most people don’t dare to dream because of their limiting beliefs and feeling not good enough.

When you release these limiting thoughts and beliefs, you can let your imagination go wild and feel confident when scripting.

Here are the basic tips for scripting:

  1. Start by writing your soulmate vision in the present tense.
  2. Be as specific as you can when writing your vision.
  3. Use descriptive words and details as much as you can.
  4. Write it as if it already happened.
  5. Include basic things like where you want to live and what type of lifestyle you have.
  6. Focus on the feelings that you will feel when you’re living that future vision. Are you blissful, excited or living in a state of flow and ease.
  7. Don’t include anything that you don’t want because the Universe doesn’t understand negatives.
  8. Mark it with a date and be flexible. You can add a future date for your soulmate vision but trust that the Universe knows what’s best for you and will deliver your vision when the time is right.
  9. Feel free to describe your perfect day with your lover and how this day unfolds.
  10. Avoid being indecisive when scripting as it will slow down the manifestation process. So if you want to live by the ocean or by the mountain, you are sending mixed signals to the Universe and this will slow things down. Choose one thing.

Final Note

The most important thing when manifesting is to feel worthy of your dream vision and to believe that you can actually have that magical reality that you’re scripting. If you don’t believe it’s possible or you are ‘hoping’ that it comes true, then the Universe can’t deliver. Because whatever energy you project out into the world is the same energy that you will get back.

So script your dream vision with confidence and you will see the positive signs of it making its way to you.

Any questions about scripting? please feel free to share them as I might have forgotten to mention a few points.

Stay tuned for next week’s post about how to write your soulmate wish list.

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How to script your soulmate vision

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