Law of Attraction Basics: Practice Manifesting the Small Stuff

The reason most people give up before manifesting their dream life or partner is that they don’t believe in the process.

They constantly doubt that the law of attraction works and this is when it really can’t work for them.

Plus, when they don’t see evidence of their dream life or partner in their reality, they think that things aren’t working.

The truth is that when you don’t feel confident that your dream man is on his way to you, things can’t move forward.

As long as you have doubts that the law of attraction actually works, then you can’t manifest something big.

I have a couple of blog posts about trusting the manifestation process. This one is about why you find it challenging to trust it.

This blog post talks about how you can manifest clues about your desire.

Law of Attraction Basics: Why Manifesting the Small Stuff Helps

When you manifest something simple like a cup of coffee, an outfit or a meal, you get confident that the law of attraction works.

And when you get confident, you can attract your desire to your faster and with ease.

Basically, manifesting the small stuff gives you the evidence you need to believe in the law of attraction and be in the right energy.

The reason it’s easier to manifest something small is that you don’t have resistance to it.

Let me explain with two recent stories from my life.

I was looking for a plant-based milk that’s also vitamin-D fortified. I had this item on my grocery list for about three or four times.

It wasn’t easy to find in any store but I let it go. I wasn’t attached to the outcome and I felt neutral about having it.

I thought it would be nice to have this type of non-daily milk as I read that vitamin D supports hair growth.

At the same time, I wasn’t too attached to getting it. I just kept writing it in my list and looking for it at different stores.

Then, I was at the same store where I do my weekly grocery shopping and there it was!

What’s more powerful and magical is that there was only one carton of this vitamin-D fortified pea protein milk!

It was the last one and I couldn’t find it again! I’m constantly checking but this just proves that it was a manifestation!

For some reason, I found this brand of pea protein milk that also has vitamins including vitamin D!

Of course, I was so happy and grateful!

What’s important to remember is that I let go of attachment. And this is why manifesting small stuff is easier.

When it comes to love, you probably have blocks and limiting beliefs. That’s one thing.

Another thing is that you don’t feel neutral about it. Because if you did, it would manifest fast!

How you can Practice Manifesting the Small Stuff

Let me share another story that happened last Thursday. I was sitting upstairs at a cafe in my old neighborhood when I decided that I wanted to take a cab to another quieter spot.

I looked out at the main street and there was a taxi passing by so I set the intention to manifest a cab once I leave this building.

As soon as I stepped outside the building, there was a cab dropping a lady right in front of the building and I took it.

All you have to do is set a clear intention and then trust that it can come to you effortlessly.

You also want to practice letting go of attachment and feeling neutral about having your mini manifestation.

Manifesting the small stuff is so cool and trust me, it will help you get confident about manifesting big stuff like a trip, a new home or a partner.

I recently had a friend and previous client manifest a trip to Dubai. She also manifested her dream job with the help of Soul Collective coaching. I’ll be sharing about her powerful manifestation and journey with Soul Collective on my Instagram soon, so make sure to follow me on the gram.

I also share daily law of attraction tips and stories.

Trust the Process and Practice Letting Go of the Outcome

We all want to have a healthy and loving relationship.

What you can do to let it go and not repel it by focusing on it too much is focus on other areas of your life.

Explore your hobbies, improve your career or business and connect with friends and family.

If you’re new to the law of attraction and want to manifest your dream partner, or if you’ve been practicing LOA for some time and feel confused or hopeless, get in touch with me and we can see if we’re a fit for my one-on-one coaching.

I have limited spots available for June. I offer both online and in-person sessions in Dubai.

My coaching style blends NLP concepts, law of attraction principles and spirituality.

I’ll be happy to support you in creating your dream life and manifesting your dream man!

Did you manifest something small lately? let me know what it was in the comments!

Law of Attraction Basics

Law of attraction basics

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