Make Peace with Being Single to Manifest a Relationship

If you’re single and not happy with the fact that you are, chances are that you’re creating resistance and blocking love from coming your way.

I used to live from that state for the longest time. Until I was forced to make peace with being single 🙂

In a recent trip to Malta, back-to-back signs kept showing up, leading me to embrace my single life.

While I wasn’t 100% content with being single during that trip, I somehow started to lean into that feeling of acceptance.

How can you Embrace Being Single

I think one of the easiest ways to make peace with being single is through solo travel. Mainly because when you’re traveling alone, you have complete control over how you prefer to spend your days and nights.

If freedom is a top personal value for you, then this feeling of total freedom will make you appreciate being single.

I personally feel less alone when I’m traveling. Because when I’m busy exploring a new country and culture, I’m not too concerned about my status and who I’m with. I’m too occupied to be bothered about these things!

So if you’re feeling lonely or unhappy with your single life, I suggest that you take a trip to a new destination – all by yourself.

Spend your time exploring the place, learning about the culture and meeting new people. Trust me, you will forget about being single and this will be the least of your concerns.

Make Peace with Single Life

Another magical thing that happened on the last day of 2021 is that I ended up celebrating New Year’s Eve with a group of people who I met at the hotel’s restaurant.

Although I went out for dinner alone – on New Year’s Eve – and this is part of acting as if you have your desire, I manifested a fun group of people who were also having dinner at the restaurant.

We ended up spending the first three hours of 2022 dancing, laughing and having so much fun!

It was the best New Year’s Eve celebration that I’ve had in my entire 41 and a half years of age! We had so much fun, that I found myself thinking: “Who wants to be in a relationship when you’re having this much fun!”

That’s exactly how you can take your soulmate manifestation to the next level. You want to first make total peace with your current life and to stop resisting where you are now.

When you’re manifesting from this place of feeling indifferent, things can flow to you with ease. There’s nothing blocking your manifestation and you’re open to receiving your dream life and person.

If you want to read other blog posts about this topic, check out this recent post and this article.

Are you resisting being single? Or have you made peace with it? Let me know in the comments!


Make peace with being single

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  • hello I’m having a problem with being single sometimes i thinks it’s ok and then at times i feel lonely because i’m not in one they never seem to work for me so eventually i end up saying the heck with it maybe i should just stay single since things never work I know i need to let go of things and alot of time it’s hard i tell myself or self talk it’s not important sometimes that helps why do people say they found the one i thought that many times the result is zero i don’t believe in soulmates anymore just my best friend and i are because i have known him over 30 year we have a bond i don’t get lonely or allow myself to be too much but right now i am and don’t know what to do any advise would be greatly appreciated thanks

    • Saudi Diva says:

      Hi Angel,
      Thank you for sharing with me your feelings and thoughts about being single. It’s OK to have mixed feelings about your single status. I wrote an ebook about the topic of manifesting love for single women. It’s a self-help memoir and I will publish it soon on my website. Please sign up to the website newsletter to stay updated for when the ebook is out. It’s ready and about to be released very soon! Thanks and speak soon! Nada

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