Embracing Being Single is a Step to Manifesting a Partner

I wrote a couple of posts about embracing being single and you can read the latest one here.

In this week’s Manifestation Monday blog post, I shared about how everything that I hate about being single was highlighted.

And how that dark phase was followed by a powerful healing experience and wonderful manifestation.

You can read that story here.

Embracing Being Single – the Universe Forced Me to

What happened in my Malta trip was surreal. I was faced by back-to-back situations that pushed me to accept and embrace being single and traveling alone.

Instead of constantly being in the energy of acting as if I have a partner, I was being guided to feel the shadow side of my single life.

Like when I was out on a Friday night at an outdoor bar with live music. The young waitress was making small talk and she casually said: “So you’re a solo female traveler” when I explained that I’m traveling alone.

It’s like the Universe was guiding me to make peace with the label of solo traveler and even embrace it!

Another similar thing happened when a new friend shared with me a Facebook group for solo female travelers. In the past, I wouldn’t join these types of groups because I didn’t want to feel single and solo. But the Universe really wants me to feel this phase so that I can shift it!

I also met this cool girl on the sightseeing bus, who was intense, curious and adventurous like me. She basically mirrored my true self and we had a nice short hike at the Blue Grotto.

We also had a few conversations and were trying to help each other find a seat where the audio recording works on the bus! What was fascinating is that the Universe was telling me that it’s OK to be my intense, solo self. It’s like I was given permission and even encouraged to embrace that side of me through that curious solo traveler.

Malta Showed Me Many Signs

Throughout this Malta trip, I was booking tables at restaurants for one. Because Valletta is a popular capital city, most places get busy especially on weekends. So booking a table is necessary to get one.

I was forced to book tables and to keep saying that it’s for one. I felt comfortable doing it and towards the end, I was asserting it because I knew that this was part of my journey and manifesting.

There were other – darker – incidents that happened in the first two weeks and forced me to make peace with being single. I won’t include these in the post because I don’t want to go though the emotions again. The processing is done now and I can move forward – and of course make more solo trips next year 🙂

In fact, I just finalized booking tickets and a hotel for a June trip. And I already booked hotels for another trip in July.

I’ll be sharing stories from these trips next summer for sure. For now, I have tons of content from my Malta trip 🙂

The Biggest Example of Embracing Being Single

I would say that the most intense and clear example where I was guided to embrace being single was when I took the boat to the three cities.

In my third week in Malta, I stayed at a hotel owned by locals. The owner suggested that I take the boat to explore the three cities and to ask the boat owner to take me on a harbor tour. And that was when I was really forced to confront my single status!

Two different boat owners told me that they don’t take one person on the harbor tour. They kept asking: “Only one? no I can’t” or something like that.

It turns out that it’s not worth it for them to take one person only. I then manifested a kind and mature guy who said that I can go but I will have to pay for two persons. So I accepted because the harbor tour is one of the main attractions of the city.

He later asked his friend on another boat to take me and that guy was really chatty, open and friendly! I ended up having an amazing 30-minute harbor tour and taking wonderful pictures. And I paid the price for two persons 🙂

Acceptance is the Key

This was the Universe asking me to just accept being single for now and to embrace it in its entirety – with its good side and most importantly, its dark and not so pleasant side!

And that’s how my Malt trip unfolded and ended. It basically forced me to stop acting as if I have a partner and to make peace with being single – with all its good, bad and ugly sides!

What phase are you at? Are you at peace with being single? Or, are you resisting it? Are you acting as if you have a partner to manifest faster and neglecting the reality and feeling it? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s me on the small boat doing a fabulous 30-minute harbor tour – alone, single and somewhat at peace with it!


embracing being single

embracing being single

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