Why does Manifesting Love Take Longer than Manifesting Other Stuff?

Did you know that the process for manifesting big and small stuff is the same? Whether you’re manifesting a cup of coffee, a dress, a trip or a new home, the law of attraction principles apply to the big stuff and the small stuff in the same way.

Then you might be asking: “Why does manifesting love take longer than the other stuff?

This post answers this question and helps you get a clear understanding about the topic of manifesting a relationship.

Examples of Magical Things that I Manifested

When I think back at all the wonderful things and people that I manifested in the past, I realize that some of them were pretty big and powerful stuff. Let me share these with you for an idea of what I mean by this:

  • I manifested two genuine, like-minded and real girlfriends in Bali. I manifested the first friend in my first ever Bali trip and in the first town that I visited! As I was staying in Sanur for about a week when I manifested my friend Ceria. Although I wasn’t looking for friends, she and my other friend are the reason I look forward to going back to Bali. In the second trip, Ceria introduced me to Vanessa – my second friend. The friendship dynamic between us is so aligned and it flows with ease. You can read about this powerful and speedy manifestation in this blog post. I share details of how I manifested my Indonesian friends in this post.
  • I manifested a group of people that I partied with on New Year’s Eve of 2021. Just like the Bali friends manifestation, I wasn’t looking for anyone to spend NYE with or party with. I simply went out for dinner solo and then I met this fun group towards the end of my dinner. We ended up partying and dancing till the early morning hours and it was the best New Year’s Eve of my entire life! You can read that story here.
  • I manifested a super professional and helpful book coach. Her energy and personality is so aligned with mine and thanks to her support, I’m now done writing my first book and will be getting it designed and published soon. You can sign up for updates on my book here. Was I looking for a book coach to support me with the writing and editing process? Nope.
  • I manifested a professional clinic and functional medicine doctor to support me in my health journey. I now visit the clinic for weekly IV drip sessions. I’m also working on healing my gut and health issues with the support of the doctor. You can read about my health journey here. I also share the story of how I manifested the clinic in the related posts. You guessed it, I wasn’t looking for a clinic or a doctor!
  • I manifested a brand new fitness studio which is opening soon. The concept of the studio is personal training in a group setting. Although I don’t prefer functional training, I felt like I manifested this gym because it will help me loose weight. Again, I wasn’t looking to join a fitness studio or train with a personal trainer! All I knew was that I wanted to workout and get in shape. I will update you on this story once I start training there when they open.
  • Other examples include dance fitness classes, new cafes or breakfast spots that are aligned with my personality, cooking classes and other small manifestations.

Why is Manifesting Love Challenging?

You might wonder about the reason why manifesting all of the above things and people happened so fast and so naturally, without any effort. While manifesting a relationship is taking longer than all of these manifestations combined?

Let me explain why…

Because of our past negative dating and relationship experiences, we have doubts and blocks towards the idea of manifesting love.

If you’ve experienced multiple heartbreaks and situations where your love and feelings weren’t reciprocated, then you now have limiting beliefs around the idea of being in a healthy and loving relationship. You might even not believe that it’s possible for you.

In my case, I know that this is true. Let me share why. I was once visualizing my ideal relationship in my morning meditation. I was simply visualizing a scene from my future life with my partner. Then, suddenly – out of nowhere – I get a thought that said: “You’ve been single all this time that you’ve been living in Dubai and you think you can have a loving relationship?!”

I was truly shocked when this thought came up, because it was from my subconscious mind. What this reflects is a deep-rooted limiting belief that I’m capable of being in a healthy and loving relationship. It’s a subconscious thought and belief that blocks the manifestation process. And it’s real! What do I do to combat this limiting belief? I use other manifestation tools and I avoid visualization. This blog post talks about manifesting for your personality type and why you should choose the manifestation method that works best for you. In my case, it’s being on the path and the law of proximity.

Another example of how our limiting beliefs around love show up is when I listen to love songs. I sometimes find myself thinking: “Yeah right” in response to a verse in a love song where the man is sharing his love and emotions and how he will commit to his woman.

Now if these two examples don’t show that I have deep-rooted doubts and negative perceptions around manifesting love, I don’t know what does.

I want to hear from you: Do you trust that your person will show up or do you have doubts around the process of manifesting love? What other big manifestations can you recall? Feel free to share in the comments!

Stay tuned for a new Wellness Wednesday blog post coming up this week and have a lovely week ahead!

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