Manifestation Secret: Manifesting for your Personality Type

I’ve been MIA for some time as I’m getting close to finishing writing my ebook which is all about manifesting love.

I’m so excited to share the ebook with you on this site once it’s ready. You can sign up here to stay updated with the news.

I also feel like the past couple of months were very transformative ones and I’ve had so many breakthroughs. I’ll be sharing about these in future blog posts so stay tuned.

I wanted to remind you to be gentle with yourself. Being an alpha woman, I find it difficult to slow down. I feel like I need to reverse my negative past ASAP. Sadly, things don’t work this way.

For example, I shared about how I’m starting to learn how to apply makeup correctly. To be honest, it’s not easy. Makeup skills take patience, time and practice. I also don’t have a strong passion to learn makeup. So, I’m just focusing on the basics. It still seems to take time and patience.

I also had to make so many trips to the mall to get all of the makeup products. And I still didn’t get them all! In fact, I’m heading to the mall again tomorrow to get the rest of the essential makeup products that I need to create a basic day or evening look.

So if you’re working on a specific project or on growing in a certain area in your life, trust that things will flow and be gentle with yourself.

Another great example of how things take time is how long it took to process inner child therapy work. I did this intense work in a group setting at a meditation center in Italy in late October 2019. It’s mainly energy healing work.

I originally thought that I would attend this workshop and then suddenly everything from the past will be resolved and I will feel good immediately. LOL.

What actually happened was the complete opposite! It’s been over two years and I’m still processing the work! LOL

I honestly didn’t think that it would take this long to integrate this type of work. Confronting my childhood wounds and trauma wasn’t an easy thing to do. And I’m now getting closer to feeling like I can go back into the world – well in a different way I guess.

So many great things came out of the energy work that I did. It was a fast-track to connecting to my true self and to finding out who and what feels aligned and what doesn’t. It’s such powerful work and the details for how to do this work will be revealed in my ebook so make sure to download it once it’s up on the site.

Today’s manifestation secret is actually an excerpt from the book. I felt called to share it here because it’s so powerful!

Manifesting for your personality type

I lately realized that my best way to manifest is through the law of proximity and by being on the path.

What this means is that once I’m already on the path of a certain intention, it comes to me faster. Like with the ebook, because I started writing chapter drafts while I was in Bali in early 2020, a couple of months later, I manifested an amazing book coach.

The book coach’s energy and work ethics are so aligned with mine. All I can say is that it was a powerful manifestation.

At that time, I wasn’t really looking for a book coach or someone to support me with editing the book chapters.

A good example of manifesting with the law of proximity is how I manifested a professional clinic where I now get weekly IV drips done. Like with the book coach, I wasn’t looking for a clinic or anything like that. Then, because I was having breakfast one day at a cafe right across from the clinic, I manifested this clinic through a lovely series of synchronicities.

I’m sharing these two manifestation ways with you because they might resonate with you too.

Based on these two ways, I realized that I manifested so many things and people in the same way. For example, the lovely and fun group of people who I partied with on New Year’s Eve last year. I manifested that group because they were staying at the same hotel where I was staying. Plus, I went out for the NYE dinner alone and then I met them towards the end of the evening. Which means that I was already on the path when they showed up for me. I wasn’t waiting for someone to spend New Year’s Eve with and I wasn’t looking either. I simply attract them because of the law of proximity and being on the path of my desire.

You can read a post about being on the path of your dream life here.

I hope that these examples make sense. If not, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

Mixed feelings

So I had two tickets booked for Italy which I plan to use this summer. I already booked all the hotels and tickets in advance.

I’m looking forward to meeting a friend in Italy and to exploring new regions of the country. At the same time, I’m tired of doing all travel-related things alone. Things like applying for a tourist visa and of course preparing all the documents and then planning everything ahead of time for the trip.

I even booked a trip for December but that’s for a different country and another purpose. It’s time for me to draft a plan to move for some time. I’m being called to move and I know that it’s the right step for me to do to manifest a partner.

Now that I shared with you my ways of manifesting, I think you will understand why I need to move.

  1. The law of proximity: Since I don’t want to live in the Middle East for the future, I need to be located where I will meet my person. This means somewhere on an island. More details on this coming towards the end of this year.
  2. Being on the path: Because my dream life involves me co-owning a cafe with my partner, it’s time to take inspired action to get closer to making that dream a reality. And to being on the path to that dream life.

Although I’m tired of planning and researching and eventually moving for some time, I know that this is the right decision.

What big or small decisions are you making? What do you think is your best way of manifesting stuff?

Bonus Tip: You can manifest the big stuff (like a partner or a home) in the same way that you manifest the small stuff. So try and figure out which way for manifesting works for you best. Are you successful with visualizing, scripting, and talking about your dream life? Or do you manifest like me (being on the path and the law of proximity).

I hope that you found this post about manifesting for your personality type insightful. I’m so excited to share more manifestation tips in my ebook once it’s out!


Manifesting for your personality type

Manifesting for your personality type

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