Manifestation Secret: You have to be on the Path to your Dream Life

I hope that you’re feeling better after this intense Full Moon. I personally am waiting for tomorrow because it’s when the Full Moon energy fades. It’s been emotional and intense as usual.

The goof thing about Full Moons and New Moons is that they help with manifesting. Let me know if you want me to write a future blog post about this.

What Does Being on the Path Mean?

I had a reading with a psychic medium in the summer of 2016 and she said many things that already happened.

One of them was that I’m going to write a book which will make overnight success. And that I will meet my person at around that time. Well I’m now in the process of writing that book that she spoke about in that powerful reading session!

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What’s interesting is that although the book is about manifesting a partner, I’m starting to write it now.

Until recently, I thought that I had to actually meet my person to start writing that book. And that this would be my life after manifesting my person! LOL

I now realized that I have to start the writing process and he can show up whenever the time is right.

Why? Because this is the manifestation secret that I want to share with you today.

You need to be on the path towards living your dream life and not waiting for it to happen.

So whatever your dream life looks like, start embodying that future self and living as she would today.

You don’t have to completely live that dream, but you need to be on the path to getting there.

More Examples of Being on the Path to Your Dream Life

Let me share with you other examples to make this manifestation principle clear.

I know that my person rides a motorbike and I ride behind him. Well, instead of waiting for this future timeline, I line myself with it by learning how to ride a motorbike. This is a plan for next year when I stay in Bali long-term.

When you align your current life and energy with your future one, you can fast-track the manifestation process.

Other things that I was waiting for a partner to do include moving to another country. While I don’t have a plan to relocate to another country, I do plan to spend six to eight months in Bali next year – in the winter.

What this means is that I’m getting closer to my dream life by making a partial move somewhere.

So you don’t need to be living exactly like your dream life, but you do need to make a bold move.

I wrote a blog post about making bold moves a while back and you can read it here.

Travel is another thing that I’m doing because that’s something that I would be doing with my partner.

I honestly didn’t think that I would be making all these big, bold moves before manifesting my person.

But if you want to manifest in the right way and to use the law of attraction in an advanced way, this is the way to go 🙂

Let me know what big decision are you delaying for when you meet your person? And how can you take simple steps to make them a reality today.


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