Why Counter Thoughts and Beliefs Are Slowing Down your Manifesting

I’ll be writing a series of posts with the top things that can slow down your manifestation process.

The truth is, we are constantly manifesting. Whether we’re aware of it or not, it’s happening.

But since most people have doubts and fears around their worthiness of their desire, they push it away and slow down the manifesting process.

Let me explain how this happens.

When you have counter thoughts or beliefs like feeling that you’re not good enough, that your vision is too unrealistic and unattainable, that you’re not worthy of such a magical life and that it’s just too far from where you are now, this basically slows down the manifesting process.

This is why the main thing that I can help clients with is to identify their limiting beliefs and shift their mindset around what they deserve.

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What are Counter Thoughts?

When I was still grieving stories from past and going through the emotions, I was so far from manifesting a thriving life for myself let alone a healthy romantic relationship.

So if you’re still healing from past trauma, a negative childhood, a toxic relationship, then you can’t script and visualize and expect to manifest a magical new reality for yourself. It’s simply not possible.

Another example of counter thoughts is focusing on not having your desire or on lack. So if you’re single, you keep complaining about being alone and single. And your entire thought process is focused on the relationship that you don’t have.

For more about this topic, check this old blog post. Basically when you focus on what you don’t have – lack – you attract more of that lack. So if your thoughts are focused on not being in a relationship, you attract more of your single status and being alone.

The counter thought and belief to this is acting as if you already have your desire. You can read all about this advanced law of attraction concept and learn how to apply it from this blog post.

Awareness is Key

The only way you can be in total control of your thoughts and emotions is by bringing awareness to each thought you have.

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To get from having counter thoughts and beliefs that are slowing down your manifesting process to acting as if you already have your desire and feeling grateful and excited, you must be in control of your thoughts and emotions.

What’s cool about the manifestation process is that once you’re doing things right, you start seeing signs from the Universe supporting your and guiding you. This is how you can stay positive and focused on manifesting. And that’s when you stop engaging with counter thoughts and beliefs and they become almost non-existent.

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This is slowing down your manifesting

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