Synchronicity and Signs: Your Path to Manifestation Success

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you would know about the importance of manifesting the small stuff to get confident with the manifestation process. You can read a recent post about this here.

Apart from practicing manifesting the small stuff, manifesting anything usually happens through a series of synchronicities.

Whether you’re manifesting a dress, a meal or a partner, the principles of the law of attraction are the same.

Striving Versus Inspired Action

To understand the difference between the two types of action, check out this blog post.

Let me share a simple story from my life. Since my old meal plan company stopped their delivery services, I was preparing and making my own meals. I wasn’t in a rush to sign up with another meal plan company. But last week, I was feeling so depleted from the constant preparation, cooking and washing up. So I decided to look into options more seriously.

For the past three weeks or so, I was taking striving action by researching vegan meal plans. But I would say mainly checking the ones that came my way – either online or in real life.

What’s interesting is that I wasn’t attached to finding a good vegan meal plan company. It was more like an idea for the future. I was still OK with preparing and making my meals.

So far, there are two LOA rules here:

  1. Taking inspired action versus striving action.
  2. Not being attached to the outcome.

What does Inspired Action Look Like?

This is where the series of synchronicities shows up. A couple of months ago, I heard of an online food supplier that sells all types of Middle-eastern Mezze and other frozen dishes.

I’ve been planning to order from them but I never did. Then, I discovered through Instagram that they sell their Mezze on another online grocer’s website.

So, I went and ordered groceries and one ‘Hummus’ from that food supplier (since they didn’t have the entire range on that other website).

Because I wanted to take a break from cooking, I also ordered a falafel wrap and an overnight oats breakfast pot from the same website.

When I got these two items, I discovered a new vegan meal plan company which launched about a year ago.

These were the series of synchronicities that took place for me to find out about a suitable vegan meal plan company.

What’s great about this company is that their food is calorie counted and very light. So it’s perfect for my weight loss goals.

How does this help with Manifesting the Big Stuff?

The cool thing about manifesting something simple like a vegan meal plan is that it gives you confidence in manifesting the big stuff like a partner and loving relationship.

When you can see evidence that you’re a master manifester, it helps you lean into trust and faith that your big manifestations are on their way to you.

I’m still waiting to hear back from that meal plan company. It seems like they have an issue with their email system. So I’ll keep you posted if I end up signing up with them. Or if I keep creating dishes at home!

How can you Start Taking Inspired Action?

Taking inspired action is closely linked to re-activating your intuition and following the signs and how you feel.

I wrote a couple of blog posts on the topic of re-activating your intuition. This is the most recent one.

If you need support with tuning into your intuition and trusting its guidance, my one-on-one coaching sessions will be back in November. You can find out more about Soul Collective here. You can also read client success stories here.

All it takes is practice and a couple of daily grounding rituals to help you re-activate and develop your intuitive abilities.


  • What small thing did you manifest lately? I want to hear all about your mini manifestations!
  • When it comes to manifesting the big stuff, you’re probably already experiencing a series of synchronicities that will lead you to your ultimate and big manifestation. Trust the process and keep following your intuition and the signs!

Happy Manifestation Monday!

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