Mindful Monday: Are you Flowing with Life?

Living in a fast-paced, crowded city like Dubai can sometimes make it challenging to stay mindful and present.

Being an entrepreneur and blogger with a new Life Coaching business to promote can add to the daily stress and anxiety.

Living alone and having to do everything by myself is another big responsibility.

Being on an exciting and rewarding healing journey makes my story truly unique and original.

So, with all of these things to manage and take care of, how do I stay mindful?

I must first confess that it’s certainly much easier for me to stay present and mindful when in Bali.

The energy of that island is always flowing in alignment to the Universe. Almost everyone you meet is mindful and there’s a natural surrender to the flow of life.

When I’m in Dubai, I try to apply the same mindfulness principles that I follow in magical Bali.

Bali Mindfulness Principles

This includes a combination of the following:

  • My day begins with a silent meditation and deep breathing to release anxiety and any negative emotions.
  • I’ll always write a daily to-do-list and I stick to it. I might not tick off every single item every day, but I will still commit to all the tasks which I decide to do on any given day.
  • Eating a healthy, vegan diet and having meals and snacks delivered to me five days a week.
  • Mindfulness is in all my actions. For example, when eating, I consciously choose to either listen to a Podcast (at lunch time) or not listen to anything. Playing Balinese meditation music while I have dinner is also very calming.
  • I take regular breaks to have snacks and connect with others. I have a self-love ritual where I take time out to enjoy a vegan cake (from my meal plan service) and coffee at a cafe. I’ll still get things done by connecting with others online or posting to social media during that time. But, it’s something that I enjoy doing. It’s important to invest time in doing something that you love on a daily basis.
  • To flow with life is my aim. So when something goes wrong, I don’t resist it. Alternative solutions are sought, and then I let it go. I do my best to not give my power away to the situation or the person.
  • I’ll usually end my day with a ritual of burning scented candles, playing healing mantra music and setting manifestation intentions. These days, it’s a soul mate/twin flame/life partner.

I truly believe that mindfulness is a powerful practice when done right.

The Key to Being Mindful

The key to mindfulness is to detach from the stories and thought patterns of our minds, to bring awareness to these unconscious narratives and to be present in the moment, which is all that ever exists.

Another helpful tip is to accept and embrace your current life situation exactly as it is.

When you begin to accept instead of resist your current reality, you attract positivity and abundance.

For example, being single and alone can be a blessing if looked at differently.

This phase of my life is valuable and precious. I get to focus on healing my childhood wounds, and evolve and grow into the person that I was before. All of the conditioning and work leads me to becoming the best version of myself.

When I express gratitude and acceptance, I’m vibrating from a high frequency which is aligned with the Universe.

That is how I can effortlessly flow and attract peace, joy and love into my reality.

Today, I encourage you to practice mindfulness in every moment of your day.

Let’s flow with life and the Universe, let’s raise our vibrations and manifest our best reality!


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  • Jack says:

    Hi there, I log on to your blog regularly. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing! These are wonderful ideas you share. Anyway keep up writing. I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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