Manifestation Monday: Why do you Want to Manifest a Life Partner?

Happy Manifestation Monday!

OK, the Super Full Moon in Virgo energy is already kicking in. I feel a mix of emotions. One minute I’m super grateful for my vegan meal plan delivery service and how good the food tastes and the next I’m feeling so frustrated and irritated for no apparent reason!

Yes, the Full Moon energy is in full swing this morning and I can feel it. It’s going to be an intense one.

I do have a remedy for this. Listening to high vibe music and going to a dance fitness class this evening should help.

I’m already on the first cure while writing this post.

Happy International Women’s Day!

So yesterday – March 8 – was International Women’s Day. To me personally, it was all about self-love. I encouraged my social media followers to love themselves more with each passing moment. Because you can never love yourself too much, especially if you weren’t raised with unconditional love and positive affirmations. This is how I now write ‘toxic childhood’ in a more refined way! LOL

OK, the past doesn’t exist. I actually made peace with it during my two-month Bali trip.

After an extraordinary tarot card reading with a highly intuitive reader, I started following some practical tips that she gave me and boom! just like that, I felt immense peace about my past and how it actually shaped me and gave me wisdom.

Of course this is something that I was already familiar with, but what changed is how strong the emotion of acceptance resonated with my soul.

Instead of resisting what happened in my past and how my parents are, I started to feel OK with it and that it’s not a big deal! Imagine! that’s how powerful that tarot reading session was. That and all of the deep spiritual growth work that I had done at Osho Miasto in Tuscany.

In addition to the self-love, self-compassion and accepting my past, my main message for International Women’s Day was about how truly unique and special women like us are.

Let me explain. If you are a strong, independent and powerful woman, yet you are kind, intuitive and empathetic, then you are a real gem!

I know this for a fact because most of my friends are like this. They are a beautiful hybrid of strong, powerful and independent. While at the same time, they are kind, compassionate, intuitive and pure empaths.

So let us celebrate our beauty and uniqueness each day, not just on International Women’s Day!

Why do you want to Manifest a Life Partner?

Today’s topic was inspired from my dreams. I don’t know about you but since February, my dreams have been really intense and vivid. I would get messages. insights and even healing would happen in my recent dreams!

One recurring dream for me these days is a fear of not knowing where I put my purse or wallet! LOL

As silly as this may sound, it’s actually related to a lack of security and safety.

The dream also served as a reminder to one of the reasons for why I want to be in a healthy romantic relationship.

A major reason for why I want to manifest a life partner is to cultivate this feeling of safety and security.

This is also linked to my childhood, where I didn’t feel safe but that’s not the point of this post.

The reason I decided to write about this topic is to share with you an important manifestation tip.

It’s actually something that I’ve already narrowed down for myself – and shared in my coaching sessions – but I guess I forgot to mention it to you guys.

So, to make things in the manifestation process more clear, you need to decide on the reasons that make you want to manifest a partner.

This can be anything from as simple as to feel unconditional love to deeper stuff like wanting a sense of support in life.

Let me share with you my top reasons for wanting to be in a romantic relationship for inspiration. I just added the last point this morning actually!

  • Companionship
  • Friendship
  • Partnership
  • Love (main reason)
  • Safety (another main reason)
  • To soften and embrace my feminine essence
  • To have support in life (emotional support)

I hope that my list gave you some ideas for what you can add to yours.

This is actually a very important step in the manifestation process and it makes things clear.

Remember that manifestation is all about energy. So to attract the above vibrational frequencies, you must start emitting them yourself. Because like attracts like.

Love is the source of every being. All you need to do is release the blocks that are standing between you and love.

The rest is easy to manifest once you get back to your original self and love energy.

I’m excited for what’s coming next for Soul Collective. There will be a membership site launching in the summer with daily mini-trainings and other exclusive content.

Plus, if I get to take a specific training in early April, there will be unique group therapy classes offered in Dubai.

It’s just a matter of taking things one step at a time and following the inner guidance and intuition.

Wishing you a lovely Super Full Moon in Virgo ritual and a magical release of everything that no longer serves you!

Manifest a Life Partner

Why do you want to Manifest a Life Partner?

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