Why You Need to Release the Roles that No Longer Serve your Future Self

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

How are you feeling? Although I was in bed for around 12 hours last night, I still feel tired and low in energy.

I also didn’t unpack my two suitcases and carry-on bag from my trip yet. I plan to do this tonight.

I’ve just booked an Italy visa appointment after doing a bit of research about the current situation to travel there from the UAE.

As part of my synchronicity book project, I already booked three trips to Italy this year and I’m not backing off.

I even booked hotels and accommodation at Osho Miasto. So I have no plans to cancel anything!

I’m someone who doesn’t follow the news but with this Corona virus outbreak, I had to google and read a few news links to understand the current travel situation.

My first trip is in the second week of April, so I guess things should be more clear by then.

Roles we Take on when Surviving

The reason that I’m keeping this post short and sweet is that I’m tired and I no longer resonate with the Super Woman role.

The time is overdue to let her go. She doesn’t support my future self or future life in any way.

Do you think I will still be playing Super Woman when living a fulfilling and happy life with my future partner? of course not.

Then, the sooner that I release her, the faster that I align with that soul mate vision of mine. It’s not about time, it’s about alignment.

The Universe wants me to manifest that magical vision that I’m very excited about. But if my vibration/frequency resonates with that of my old coping mechanisms, then the manifesting process will simply take time. How much time?

As long as it takes for me to release my old identity of survival. That’s how long.

I hate being Super Woman. I hate being masculine and I don’t resonate with this way of being anymore.

That’s why I chose to sleep for twelve hours last night and why I’m keeping this post short.

And that’s why I still didn’t unpack my suitcases and that’s totally OK – in fact, it’s more than OK, it’s the right thing to do.

Do you remember my recent tarot card reading? you can read all about it here.

The words that resonated with me the most from that reading were: “Stop abusing yourself.”

And she was absolutely right. Because when I was abused as a child and adult, I continued to treat myself in the same way.

Instead of having self-compassion and self-love, I was torturing myself by taking forced action which is not always aligned with how I felt or what my soul needed.

Well, it’s time to let that go and to start nurturing and loving myself in a way that resonates with my future self.

What Roles are you Ready to Release?

We all took on different roles to cope with our family dynamics and childhood situations.

As adults, we must bring awareness to these roles and let them go. Because they don’t serve our future self or the life we are trying so hard to create and manifest.

So, take time to observe and bring attention to the roles that you take on in your daily life.

Are you the one who;

Likes to take care of everyone else, yet neglect yourself?

Makes everyone laugh and smile when deep down, you are miserable and unhappy?

Avoids connection and intimacy but craves a deep and fulfilling romantic relationship?

Judges everyone else because you were constantly judged by your caretakers?

Acts out of your childhood wounds and not from the source of love and kindness?

Avoids life and hides from it because you experienced so much hurt in the past?

Find yourself clinging to negative habits/addictions/thought patterns as a way to not confront past pain?

Are you Super Woman like me and are trying to save the world but not taking care of yourself and your own well-being?

The list of roles is endless and these are just some of the personalities that came to me while writing.

What are you Excited About Next?

I am so looking forward to trying out some new dance fitness classes in Dubai next week.

I’ll keep you updated with how this goes.

I encourage you to release the identity that you developed to survive a toxic childhood and to make space for the new, evolved and powerful you.

Until next time, keep releasing and growing!

future self

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