Manifesting 101: How to Know You’re at another Level of Manifesting

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

I’m sitting at Titik Temu Ubud Palace right now, having an iced coconut long black! It’s basically espresso with coconut water!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know my recent obsession with espresso and tonic water. This is the Bali equivalent to that drink and it tastes divine!

I love the vibes at this cafe, because it’s mostly frequented by locals and it was totally empty when I first got here. Except for a group who were sitting outside eating and they’re now playing a card game! simple and wonderful tines!

I will keep this post short, mainly because I want to grab something for dinner before taking the 8:20 shuttle back to the hotel!

I walk around a lot in Ubud and I don’t spend the day in one part of town. So I have to leave enough time to get something to eat and walk back to the shuttle meeting point.

Let me tell you about how special this trip is. Because I’m staying at a riverside suite, I get to meditate to the sounds of the river (in addition to other sounds of course) every morning! The river is literally outside of my balcony! I feel so grateful and blessed!

Apart from the new silent meditation setting, I’ve been doing things differently this time.

In the past, I would try to fit in as many things into my day as possible. It would feel like a race against time or a task when I’m in Bali.

What’s different this time is that I’m taking things easy, while still doing what I love and enjoying every moment.

I’ve been taking my time to research places or contact yoga studios at breakfast. I don’t really schedule things like I used to in the past.

Like today, I wanted to get a foot reflexology treatment and the place was fully booked when I got there. I was planning to go back but I then took it as a sign (because they were busy two days in a row) and I went to another reflexology place in a different street.

I was happy with the session and I would go back.

After the relaxing foot massage, I went looking for a cafe which I was following on Instagram. It was quite far from where I was and when I got there, it turned out that they closed. But what was interesting was the beautiful piece of art that I saw in the middle of the garden of that cafe.

While walking to that cafe, I also discovered a branch of one of the good cafes in Bali. And that was the perfect spot for me to sit and write today’s blog post! So as you can see, you are always in flow and aligned with the Universe. All you have to do is trust.

Let me sum up the main things that prove that I’m at another level of manifesting:

  • I cherish the present moment and I live mindfully each second of the day.
  • I don’t try to get to anywhere in the future or think about the past. I’m completely living from the present moment.
  • I don’t create a fixed plan or itinerary for each day. It’s simply a case of think of an outline for what I would like to do and am flexible with it!
  • I don’t plan entire days or weeks in advance, like I used to. I now plan each day as it comes and am open to the signs.
  • My energy has entirely shifted and I can tell because I make friendly, small talk with the hotel staff.
  • I feel very content, calm and centered. I’m at peace with myself, my life and where I’m at. everything is perfect!
  • I walk past this guy who makes wood carvings in a side street in Ubud. He recognized me from the day before and today he asked me where I’m from. Another sign that my energy is open and positive.
  • I even saw a guy wearing a T-shirt yesterday that had the words: Be in the present moment!

Honestly, it’s not easy to explain what it’s like when you’re at another level of manifesting. Because it’s more of a feeling that you will experience.

But in essence, it feels like life is flowing and that you are living in alignment with the flow of life and the Universe.

It feels like everything is perfect just the way it is because it really is! It feels that the Universe is by your side and that you are in total synchronicity with everything in your reality. It’s pure magic!

I’ll leave you with some of the messages from the past two days in Ubud. Of course, I saw countless messages and had encounters that tell me that my soul mate vision is on its way to me. I just can’t take pictures of everything, because most of it happens in a matter of seconds or is on other people’s clothes or in random Ubud street corners.

I promise to share with you as many love messages as I can though. So stay tuned to see all the manifesting I’ve been achieving!

I will also be writing my first blog post on Soul Collective – about how to thrive in daily life. So stay tuned for that too!














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