Manifestation Monday: Live in the Now to Manifest a Soulmate

Happy Manifestation Monday!

It’s been a while since I wrote a Monday blog post and that’s because I now follow my feelings when I want to do anything.

While I was conditioned to operate like a robot and do what’s right and what’s on my to-do-list whether I feel like it or not, this is not the way to live from a heart-centered place.

When you want to manifest anything, it’s essential to do whatever you feel like doing at any moment of your day. You can read about this topic in this blog post.

So it’s a Full Moon tonight, and it’s a great time to release the old energy. I just posted about this on my Instagram feed.

My day started with a sage smudging ritual. It gave me the energy at my place and in my soul which feels so light and peaceful.

I think I’ll stick to the sage cleansing ritual for the times of the full moon and new moon, so every two weeks.

What rituals do you practice at this time of the month, when the energy is so intense and powerful?

Manifesting a Soulmate

I recently discovered a significant thing that I was doing wrong the entire time that I was working towards manifesting a lover in my life.

Luckily, this pandemic season helped bring it into light and is continually helping me make the shift.

I’m into personal and spiritual growth. So, I’m always looking for the next big thing to improve my life.

Striving to grow and evolve is a great thing. However, it can also mean that I’m rarely living in the present moment.

If I’m always focused on that future vision of me where I’m living with a partner on some beachside town or island, then there is no space to be in the now.

It’s like I’m living for that future vision. This is neglecting the present moment with all its blessings and gifts.

With this challenging time, it’s impossible to focus on the future because everything is so uncertain. And so I’m finally forced to live in the present moment and accept it for what it is.

These days, I look at ways to enjoy my single life and live it to the fullest. There’s no point in anticipating the future when you don’t even know what it’s going to look like.

And because of how things are, it’s also difficult to make definite plans for trips or projects. So I take things by the day and flow with the Universal energy and its guidance.

There’s a liberating and freeing feeling behind this. There’s no pressure to make solid plans or aim for any goals.

While I still get things done each day, it’s just mini-goals. These steps will get me closer to the bigger picture. But that’s about it.

The destination I’m headed is still unclear. All I know is that each day is an opportunity for growth and for getting closer to my dream vision. I’m open to receiving the guidance and to follow the signs, and that’s it.

You can read about this topic and why I think this season provides a golden opportunity for change in this recent blog post.

Since manifesting a soulmate requires visualization and scripting – and these are focused on the past – you might be thinking about how you can live in the present when manifesting a relationship?

You can do the visualization in the morning when you meditate and then spend the rest of your day living in the now!

This means that you don’t think about your future vision during the day and instead be present with your life as it is. And yes, accept your single status completely. You can read about accepting being single and why it’s vital for manifesting a partner in this blog post.

As for scripting your future vision, I used to do this at the times of the new moon only. Now that I have a very clear vision, I no longer need to script or set intentions for my soulmate vision.

For now, I encourage you to start accepting your life exactly as it is. Start living in the present moment at all times.

What helps you get to this point is having a daily meditation practice. Feel grateful for everything that you have.

I hope that this full moon energy is helping you release the old and make space for magic to come into your life.

I’ll be cleaning my apartment floor today. There will be no full moon ritual for me. I’ve already done so many of those. I’m now aware of my feelings and what comes up for me at any moment.

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live in the now

Live in the now to manifest a soulmate

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