Change Your Life: Why this Season is a Golden Time for Change

Happy Wednesday.

I don’t know about you but this season and lockdown life is definitely shaking things up – and for the better.

Since I’ve been staying at home for the past four months, I’ve had a great opportunity to really go inward and focus my energy within. It feels like I’m on a free, intense wellness retreat that I’m hosting and with me being the only participant!

One beautiful silver lining of this lockdown life is that I’m forced to live in the present moment. And I have no other choice but to face myself and my old patterns and habits.

I’ve always been the type of person who’s constantly planning my next move or exploring ways to change my life to the better.

And although I still spend some time in researching and making future plans, it’s almost impossible to live out of that future place because it’s so full of uncertainty.

When it comes to my life coaching business, it feels so right to put the one-on-one coaching sessions on hold. This pause is so important in helping me focus on other aspects of the business and the direction that I want it to go.

The most magical part of this disruptive time is that when I don’t make any definite plans, new ideas and inspiration start showing up. It’s what I like to call synchronicity.

Lately, I’ve been having all sorts of ideas for the various areas of my life. And although nothing is set in stone, none of this would have shown up if it weren’t for this shake-up and change in everything.

Another amazing thing is how I now have refined plans for future trips or even country moves. There’s no clear plan or destination. But there’s a different approach to looking at things. This is so powerful to the point that my old plans now seem so amateur and basic! I look at them and think of how grateful I am for this season. It has shaken things up for me and helped me see what’s truly important for my soul and life purpose.

So much has shifted for me in the past couple of months since I’ve been in lockdown.

I now have a deeper connection with my Facebook group community members. I genuinely enjoy having conversations and sharing how we feel each day.

Throughout my daily meditation practice, answers or new ideas come up and bring clarity to so many areas of my life.

I’m so excited for the future and I look forward to following the signs and seeing where they take me.

The reason I’m sharing this personal story is to encourage you to develop and re-activate your intuition. It’s a gift and it can help you create a magical reality for yourself and others.

I wrote about developing your intuition in this recent post. And I also provide practical tips on how you can attract synchronicity and manifest with ease in a FREE guide that you can get by subscribing to the Soul Collective newsletter.

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I want to end by opening the space for you to share how you are feeling. What you are currently struggling with?

This is a magical time for shifting and creating your dream life and reality. Why not change your life starting today?


change your life

Change your Life: Why the pandemic is a powerful time for shifting



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