Manifestation Monday: Follow your Feelings to Manifest Faster

Happy Monday!

Today, I went back to posting to Instagram after a very long break. You can find out why I took a break by checking the post.

The reason is related to the topic of this post.

It’s all about following your feelings instead of your mind when choosing to do anything.

Mind-identified Conditioning

A lot of us were raised in homes where our feelings were neglected, and our emotions were not validated.

Some of us even grew up with caretakers who didn’t make us feel seen, heard or validated.

This post is not about blaming anyone, because that’s a dead-end and there is no point in talking about it.

I share it to help you understand why you live your life the way that you do.

In my situation, for example, things like productivity, intellect, education, career, success and achievement were high values.

Connecting to our emotions wasn’t encouraged. Feelings altogether were not heard of in our home.

As an adult, I found it difficult to form deep connections with others or even express how I feel at any given moment.

Of course, there are so many reasons why this happened, and the mind-identified way of living is only part of it.

I remember when I attended the Path of Love in Italy in 2018, I found it challenging when I was asked: “How do you feel?”

If you can’t answer the simple question of how do you feel at any moment of your day, then that’s a sign that you’re not connected to your heart and soul. And that you live your life from a mind place instead of a heart space.

Allow yourself to do what you Feel like Doing

After doing a significant amount of inner work and expressing all kinds of emotions at cathartic exercises and workshops, I managed to open my heart and to feel again.

This didn’t happen overnight. It took about two years to feel my complete range of emotions.

Another thing worth mentioning is that I had a coping mechanism where I would express positivity and joy even when I was going through a sad or painful situation.

It’s a way to survive and to avoid feeling the pain when you’re experiencing abuse or trauma.

Then you become an adult, and you continue to avoid feeling until you choose to do the deep work required to shift things back to normal.

Since I’m now in the manifestation stage (I can say that I’m done with the healing), I allow myself to follow my feelings instead of my mind when doing anything my day.

Let’s say that you have to do a very tedious task that you don’t feel like doing.

What you can do is find ways to make that activity more fun, so that you can still feel good while doing it.

An Example of How to Follow Your Feelings

The last time that I had to clean the floor in my apartment, I chose to listen to old school tunes on VH1 while I was mopping the floor.

This made the cleaning more fun and enjoyable than it usually would!

When you’re feeling good and vibrating on a high frequency, you become a magnet for your desires.

So starting today, I want you to permit yourself to do what you feel like doing.

Instead of doing what feels right or what you think should be done, allow yourself to follow your feelings.

And trust, that by doing that, you will experience a series of synchronicities that will make your day flow with so much ease.


Did you grow up in a home where emotions were neglected or unheard of?

Do you still live from a mind-identified place, or are you connected to your heart and soul?

Do you find it easy to express your emotions and connect with others at a deeper level?

In your daily life, do you follow your mind or your feelings when making decisions?

Can you answer the question: “How do you feel” in this very present moment?

Are you able to feel all your range of emotions? From joy, happiness, contentment to sadness, anger and even rage?

Let me know in the comments!


follow your feelings

Follow your feelings

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