Manifestation Monday: High Vibration Music and Manifesting

It’s all about the Full Moon energy these days. This is when memories resurface to be released and healed.

Amongst other things that are coming up for me, feelings of resentment towards my family conditioning seem to be the strongest.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read my latest blog post on the Soul Collective site. I talk about taking a break from blogging on there. I also discuss how, in a conscious effort to live closer to my authentic self, I will no longer invest excessive time and energy into my career or business. Balance is essential, and this blog post talks about this topic in detail.

Since it’s the full moon and because I have an uncomfortable ear infection – where my right ear is clogged – I’ll keep this blog post short and to the point.

Listening to High Vibration Music 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been playing a specific shamanic healing music CD every evening since I got back from Osho Miasto last winter.

At that time, there was nothing wrong with this music. I even looked forward to having it play in the background while I had dinner each evening.

Then, as the months went by, and I was processing the inner child therapy work, my energy shifted. When I was no longer in that state of grieving my childhood and everything that went wrong, I started to notice how that playlist was super low vibration!

One evening, I suddenly felt like the entire space is full of this sad and gloomy energy. I was surprised at how I’ve been listening to it for such a long time!

Only a few weeks ago, I started playing a different CD, which has mostly chill out, lounge tunes.

Since then, I shifted all of my playlists – including a theta healing meditation music that I was listening to while I worked on my laptop.

It’s so incredible and fascinating how much power the music we listen to has on our emotional wellbeing!

I’ve always been into music my entire life, and I listen to all different genres and types. But since I’ve started my healing journey, I would play these low vibe meditation and healing tunes all day long!

It took me a couple of years to realize that this habit is creating more sadness and grief!

Instead of helping me feel better, these tunes would transform me back to the pain and trauma of the past!

Talking about things that you can do that are counterintuitive to your manifesting, this is one of the main ones.

Heartbreak Songs and Manifesting

Did you know that if you listen to heartbreak songs, you attract more heartbreak into your life?

This is one of the things that I always paid close attention to. I was making sure that any song that I was being exposed to was a happy, upbeat tune.

One thing you can do is to skip the sad songs on your music player. Just change the station if it’s the radio or mute it if it’s on TV.

Whatever you focus on, expands. So make sure that the song lyrics are aligned with what you want to manifest into your life.

Since I started being more intentional with my music playlist, I’ve been attracting love songs that elevate my mood and put me in a good spirit!

Of course, there are tons of happy and upbeat love songs out there. However, it takes one that speaks to your soul to make you truly feel that love vibration to its highest level.

High Vibration Music: Happy and Upbeat Songs

One of these songs which were released in December of 1997 is K-Ci & JoJo’ ‘All My Life’.

I recently heard this song playing on VH1’s ‘Guess the Year’.  I felt like this is the best song that describes how I want to feel when I’m in a relationship!

And although I went to an all-girls school in Saudi until I graduated from high school in the summer of 1998, this song brings back beautiful memories and good feelings!

We all had different coping mechanisms to deal with adversity and a negative home environment, and mine was definitely music!

As a teenager living in Al Khobar in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia in the 1990s, I coped with the adversity that was present at home by listening to R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop hits and reading the lyrics!

These days, instead of listening to theta or shamanic healing music, I play songs that put me in the vibration of being with my soulmate and lover. Another song that was popular in my days of growing up in an all-female society in Saudi is this one.

Self-reflection Note:

What song or songs make you feel inspired to call in your soulmate? When you play that song, you feel as if you’re already with the right person who sees you and understands you?

Which songs instantly put you in a good mood and high vibration?

Let me know by commenting on this post!


Listening to High Vibration Music and Manifesting


High vibration music

High vibration music. Feel the love vibration to manifest faster

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