Wellness Wednesday: Life Balance is So Important. Here’s Why.

Happy Wednesday!

I had a loyal blog reader tell me once: “you are not prolific.”

He was a regular reader of my blog in the early days, so maybe around 2013. I used to write a blog with a different name back then.

What he was trying to say was that he genuinely enjoyed my content but that he would like to see more of it. And for me to be more active online.

What inspired me to write this topic is a podcast episode that I listened to yesterday, which talks about dating tips.

After learning from two different podcasts about a basic dating rule – which I can share in a future post, I felt frustrated.

I was angry because I learned the tip at age 40 (my birthday is in July) and after so many heartbreaks.

Although heartbreaks have their pros – they help open your heart to feel and to more love and experiences, they can also be avoided after a certain age and point.

The fact that I only discovered this essential dating tip at age 40 is because I simply didn’t have space for it before.

I spent the past three and a half years mostly focused on spiritual growth and healing.

I also spent my thirties just exploring life, having all kinds of lessons (not only love related) and merely being free.

Today, I don’t regret being not as prolific as my fans or followers would like.

I regret not having more life experiences and lessons from a young age.

I don’t want this to be a post about grieving my past or a toxic childhood and adulthood.

Instead, I want it to be an insightful story and a lesson for anyone who’s reading this.

I encourage you to not focus all your energy and time into one area of your life. Life balance is very important.

I understand that we all have different priorities, but we also share similar wants and goals.

For example, let’s say that you are single and you spend the majority of your day either working or checking social media, then you are not leaving space for love, connection or relationships.

This also goes back to the conditioning.

When we were raised to be mind-identified and are always operating from a mind space, it takes conscious effort and practice to shift this.

What you want to do is to aim for a balanced lifestyle and an investment in all areas of your life.

When I’m not blogging, thinking of new projects or posting to social media, I’m investing my energy in other areas.

These areas are equally important – if not more critical – than running a successful business and having a great career.

My father would disagree with these words, but that’s only because of his programed beliefs which he did nothing to work on changing.

Let’s try and be the generation who breaks the productivity and ‘doing’ cycle.

Try to take time for self-care, self-love and nurturing your body and soul.

Aim to move your body every day. You can dance, go for a walk, go for a swim, anything that makes you feel good.

Expand your connections and try to make new friends – I’ll be writing a blog post with tips on this soon.

Explore your hobbies and your interests and connect with like-minded souls.

Follow your passions and do what you love. Contribute to causes that you care about.

And if you’re single and are looking to manifest a relationship, set clear intentions and take inspired action to move forward in your manifesting journey.

I honestly feel like even though I was striving for a balanced lifestyle in my thirties, I missed out on a lot of essential things.

And a lot of the missing out is related to the trauma and abuse that I experienced.

To reframe this negative situation, I like to remind myself of my soul and life purpose.

My life purpose is to grow and to evolve. And this is why I don’t mind learning about things at a later stage.

Because I’d rather do things right at a later age than stay ignorant and do things unconsciously.

I promise I will share the dating tip with you soon. Some of you might already be aware of it. But it was new to me, and it’s something that I certainly wasn’t doing in the past.

So to that loyal blog follower who said that I’m not prolific, I say:

“I lead my life in a way that’s an inspiration to others. Once they see the magical reality that I’ve created, they will be inspired to follow my footsteps.”

I know this sounds cliche, but it’s true.

When manifesting a magical reality, we have to take inspired action and invest our energy in the area where we want to see results.

To end this post, I will share with you a simple metaphor.

Imagine if I didn’t lead a balanced lifestyle all these years and I didn’t even learn about this tip at the right time – which is right after my spiritual growth journey – then I would be 50 and single.

I turn 40 in one month. For me, it’s not about age or starting a family. I would have liked to be in a healthy relationship earlier in life.

So, the fact that I’m turning 40 soon and I’m still learning the basics about dating tells that loyal blog reader a lot.

It tells him that my focus and energy were not into finding love and being in a relationship. It was more about my blog writing and entrepreneurship life.

I genuinely hope that you got something valuable from this post about life balance.

This was an honest sharing from my heart, and it wasn’t a planned topic. I just felt inspired to write it.

Now think about this and feel free to answer in the comments:

Are you focusing all your time and energy into one area of your life? If so, what is that area?

Does your perfect life vision involve only that area? Or does it include being in a healthy, loving relationship?

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

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Life balance is important


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