Living Your Dreams Now: The Key to Unlocking Your Full Potential

This morning, I did something worth writing about. It’s related to manifesting a relationship.

I’ve been busy the past week with random stuff like shopping for new clothes, the usual grocery shopping and cooking.

So I didn’t prioritize writing on this blog, and the latest post was last week’s story about healing the relationship with the masculine energy.

Living Your Dreams Now

The truth is that I have so many new manifestation tips and stories to share. I also make notes on my phone with all the ideas. It’s just that I like to prioritize my own well-being, house chores, cooking and nourishing my body with great food. So when I don’t feel like I can write a new blog post, I just let it be and focus on doing other things around the house.

Although it’s Ramadan now, I don’t fast, and it’s been a few years since I did.

The good thing is that all the cafes and restaurants are open as usual in the UAE this year. This wasn’t the case in the past. Things are changing, and it’s a good thing.

This morning, I decided to go out for breakfast and coffee. The weather was great, so I decided to visit a cafe in an area not too far from where I live.

Before this cafe opened, they had a coffee truck or minivan outside the location.

It was at the start of the pandemic. I used to go there on weekends to have coffee and sit outside near the truck.

I made it a weekly ritual, and I used to go there every weekend as long as they were open. It was wintertime, and I would always sit outside and enjoy my coffee.

My Old Vibration

Then, when the store finally opened (I wasn’t looking forward to it because I love the concept of coffee trucks), I stopped going. The cafe attracted mostly families and their children on weekends. And since the weekend was my day to have a leisurely breakfast, I decided I didn’t want to go there and feel like an outsider because I was single and dining alone.

To give you some context to the story, the cafe is part of a group of stores that serve healthy dishes, and their style matches my personality and taste. And, of course, I knew that other single people would dine there alone.

But for some reason, I decided I didn’t want to visit, and I never went since they opened three years ago!

I didn’t realize it had been three years since the store opened until I asked a waitress this morning.

So it took me three years to change my vibration!

My New Vibration

This morning, I felt like I wanted a healthy breakfast, and I just decided to visit that cafe – where I used to sit outside and have a coffee before they opened.

And just a side note: Once they opened the cafe, they removed the coffee van, and that’s when my weekly ritual ended!

Of course, I went to their other cafes, and I always had breakfast and coffee at cafes alone. But this specific store was a no-go for me because of its location.

I guess I felt it was located in an area where people visit in groups or with friends and family. I think I mainly didn’t want to feel like an outsider or alien by going there to eat alone.

Fast forward to this morning, I decided to have breakfast there during Ramadan!

It was quiet when I got there because it was early. I chose to sit inside, and I truly enjoyed my breakfast and coffee.

The shift is a major one. When manifesting a relationship, you want to feel like it has already happened.

This means you want to feel relaxed and happy and live life to the fullest. Not waiting for the person to show up so you can do what you would do with a partner.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this is called the law of assumption. It’s all about feeling that you already have your desire and living from that state or vibration.

What Happened Next

After breakfast, I walked around the area after breakfast because the weather was so nice. I eventually went to a nearby Starbucks store and read a few pages from my book about the law of assumption (check the picture).

What’s fascinating is that two pieces of evidence showed up after I went out for breakfast and coffee.

  1. While walking around and exploring options for where to go for my second cup of coffee, I saw a couple walking and holding hands. This is a clear sign that you’re getting close to manifesting your dream life and relationship. You can read more about this topic here.
  2. When I was paying for my groceries at the self-checkout machine, a woman and woman were at the machine next to me. The man insisted that he pays and she kept saying: “Babe…” A sign that I’m attracting couples and people who are in love.

I recently wrote a blog post about the difference between the two manifestation methods. You can read it here.

I discovered that the Abrahams Hicks way is ineffective and takes longer. This is especially true if you have had a lot of past wounds and trauma. What works better is Neville Goddard’s system – which is all about feeling the desire as if it happened.

I’ll share more insights about the Law of Assumption once I finish reading the two books that I got. They are both written by Neville Goddard.

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Have a great weekend ahead, and keep living your dreams!



Living Your Dreams

Living Your Dreams: vibration matters for manifesting


vibration matters for manifesting


Living Your Dreams

Living Your Dreams: vibration matters for manifesting


vibration matters for manifesting


Living Your Dreams

vibration matters for manifesting

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