Healing the Relationship with the Masculine Energy

We’re in the beautiful New Moon energy; everything feels light and good.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, my dad is in town for a week, and I’ve been hanging out with him most of last week.

New Moon in Aries

Today is his last day here, and we’re going for our first Iftar this evening. I don’t fast, but this is a way to celebrate and indulge in good food!

I truly hope this New Moon in Aries is treating you well and that things are flowing in your life now.

Today’s blog post is inspired by my dad’s visit. I feel so grateful and blessed for where we are in our relationship.

Of course, this energy and relationship shift took a lot of work from my side. And I’m happy to say that with each trip he makes, I feel closer to him, and our bond strengthens. You can read this blog post to learn more about my steps to healing my relationship with my dad.

Masculine Energy

I wrote several posts about healing the relationship with the masculine energy. You can read the latest one here.

We shared great conversations over lovely meals at Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian restaurants and a steak house.

Tonight’s finale is at an authentic Indian restaurant, and I’ll share updates next week.

We’re both foodies with similar cuisine preferences, so choosing a spot and having a great experience is easy.

And since I hate being disappointed in anything, I always read online reviews before deciding on a place.

So all of this week, we had positive and exceptional dining experiences – thanks to my strong research skills 🙂

We also went to the Dubai Mall for a few hours three days this week. Although we have a good time at the mall, I usually don’t buy much stuff because it’s so busy and takes time to shop.

Enjoyable Times

I’m so glad we went on weekdays only because the mall gets super busy on weekends, and that’s when I avoid it.

Apart from dining at upscale places, sharing coffee, dessert, and shopping, we also walked around in a few areas.

Luckily, the weather this week was amazing! So we enjoyed coffee and matcha latte al fresco at a pop-up event, sat outside at various spots and walked around the downtown and DIFC area.

Let me share with you some highlights from this week. I’ll write the name of the places in the captions of the pictures.

Here are my top dining options from this week:

Saturday – SukhoThai (authentic Thai food)

Sunday – Roka (Japanese) 

Monday – Gia at the Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue (Italian) 

Tuesday – Zheng He’s (Chinese) 

Wednesday – Le Petit Beef Bar in DIFC (French Steak House)

I’ll report on this evening’s meal next week and share the restaurant’s name too.

Sending you powerful healing vibes and lovely weekend wishes!


Coffee and Matcha latte at More Matcha


masculine energy

At the newly opened BohoX in Downtown Dubai


Coffee at Hoof in Dubai Mall


masculine energy

Italian lunch at Gia and healing the masculine energy


Prawn and chives Dim Sum at Zheng He’s


Flat white perfection at BohoX


Chinese lunch at Zheng He’s


Afternoon tea and coffee at Mina Al Salam hotel


Sorbet at Eataly in the Dubai Mall


Banana bread and coffee at Hoof in the Dubai Mall


masculine energy

Coffee at the More Matcha pop-up


Selfie at Le Petit Beef Bar in DIFC

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