Self-healing: How’s your Relationship with the Masculine?

Back in June of 2016, I had a reading with a psychic medium in Dubai. She predicted many things that already happened like the fact that I will become vegan. At that time, I wasn’t considering a plant-based diet at all. I remember thinking: “What is she talking about?!”

Once I started my deep self-healing journey and was doing the intense healing work, I actually went on a mostly plant-based diet for about five years! I even spent most of that time using the services of vegan meal plan delivery companies in Dubai. It was an interesting chapter of my life. About two months ago, I switched back to a non-vegan and non-vegetarian diet and I feel so good about my decision!

My health wasn’t at its best and my hair was falling – it still is because of stress and other factors.

My body wasn’t coping well with a plant-based diet and I’m glad that I switched back to eating meat and fish.

But the psychic’s prediction was accurate when she said that I will go vegan. She was also right about another major change: healing the relationship with my dad.

Because my main concern for the reading was love, she shared her predictions around that context.

She said that I would meet my person once I’ve healed my relationship with my dad. And she said: “You will heal your relationship with your dad.”

I recently wrote a blog post about this topic when my dad was in town for the first time after the pandemic. You can read it here.

Self-healing: What the Relationship Feels Like Now

This week, my dad is in town again and I met him today for a nice lunch and some green tea. I must start by saying that I credit the shift in the relationship to the healing work that I did at a specific meditation center. I’ll be sharing the details about this energy work in my upcoming book. The book is actually ready and I will start working with a designer in August.

I would love for all of you to experience the flow and ease of a healthy relationship with the masculine and specifically with the father.

Today, something powerful happened. Without going into details, I will say that it was a sign that he’s releasing me from under his control or grip. It was as if he’s letting me create my own path in life. Now this is not all magic stuff or pure inner child healing work. A lot of these shifts are a result of my own inner work and awareness.

Because of the awareness that I had about the dynamic with my father (post inner child therapy work), I managed to shift this relationship just by acknowledging it and seeing it for what it is. He was always possessive of me and he still never brings up romantic relationships or anything like that.

Of course, my awareness of the dynamic was greater after doing inner child therapy work. But instead of getting angry about the situation, I simply acknowledged it for what it is. I was thinking to myself: “Oh now I see what’s happening and why my manifestation is being blocked.”

There was no anger. I simply became aware of the situation and I trusted that it will dissolve with my awarenesses and it sure did!

Sometimes, all you need to do is to bring awareness to the pattern or dynamic and know that you can shift it with pure self-awareness.

Another beautiful moment from today’s meeting with my dad was when we were sharing a slice of banana bread. There was a walnut on top of the banana bread and my dad really wanted us to share it. He insisted on cutting the walnut in half so that we could share it. One half eventually flew on the table and he decided not to eat it. So I told him that he could have the other half and that I didn’t want to eat that walnut anyway.

My dad doesn’t express his emotions. He’s an avoidant personality type. But there are some little actions that he does that reflect his love and care. In the past, those actions were invisible to me and all I could see and feel was the conflict between us.

After doing inner child work, I see everything. His quirky and eccentric character, his love language and how he shows affection and I also see his possessiveness. I see it all very clearly.

Everything will unfold in the right way once you invest in doing the healing work. But it takes time.

The Timeline

I like to share timelines with you because I know that manifestation can take time. Most manifestation coaches will tell you that you can manifest a relationship in 90 days or less. I tell you the truth: that it depends on how much healing you need to do.

In my case, I only started the deep healing work at age 38. I did inner child therapy work at age 39. I spent the past two years of the pandemic processing and integrating that work. And here we are, I turn 42 this July and I’m close to manifesting my person 🙂

A little background too. I’ve been single for most of my life.

If I could go back and change one thing, what would I change? I would have started my healing journey earlier. But this is my life path and I have to accept it. Although I don’t like the fact that I have to do everything at a late stage because of my toxic childhood.

I truly believe that healing the relationship with the main masculine figure in our lives is essential for manifesting a healthy and loving romantic relationship. I’m so grateful that my dad is still alive and that I lived in a country which is close to home. That way, we could work on the relationship and heal it. I’m grateful and also grieving the childhood that I had. It’s complicated.

Because my dad was not around for me while I was growing up. He was avoiding the toxic situation at home. This is one of the core wounds that impacted my relationships with men. It’s a major wound and healing it is not easy.

I’m so happy that I manifested the perfect resources to heal this major wound with the masculine. Now I can expect my person to show up and trust that we can build a healthy relationship together.

I’m off to decide on where I will go for meals with my dad for the rest of the week. So happy to be able to eat meat again 🙂

Let me know where you feel you are in your relationship with the masculine energy. Have you healed it? 

As for the feminine energy and the mother wound, that has also been healed in a different way 🙂

You can find out more from my latest Tweets. I’m pretty active on Twitter so feel free to follow me there if you like.

Talk to you soon!


Love manifestation and self-healing

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