Signs that you’re Close to Manifesting your Dream Life

Last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post was about manifesting evidence by shaking up your daily routine. You can read it here.

We’re already in the Full Moon energy and it’s time to release old patterns and habits that are no longer serving us.

The Full Moon for Manifesting your Dream Life

The moon is full tomorrow, March 7 and I’m sure you’re already feeling the confusion and low vibes that come with it.

It’s time to take things easy and stop trying to do everything. Time to be gentle with ourselves and listen to our bodies and rest.

Last Wednesday, I went for a very long walk in my neighborhood- something that I didn’t do in a while because my skin gets easily pigmented.

I love going for long walks but I know how the weather in our region impacts my skin, so I try to be careful as much as I can.

What I wanted to share with you are the signs that I witnessed which are related to my dream person and life.

Since it was a morning walk, I saw a couple walking and having iced coffee with smiley faces on the cups. It was interesting and I still want to know where they got their coffee from! The man was trying the woman’s coffee and they looked happy with their drinks. I think they later held hands as they walked past me.

Watch for Magical Signs

This encounter is so powerful for many reasons. First, I’m a big coffee lover and it’s a huge part of my daily life. Seeing a couple having their coffee together and looking happy is a magical sign about my dream life! Because when you start seeing scenes from your dream life reflected around you, it means that you’re getting close to manifesting it!

Other examples from your dream life can be couples laughing together or being affectionate. Also, couples going for long walks together is another sign that my dream life and person are close.

Basically, whatever you envision your dream relationship to be like and you see reflected in your reality is a major sign that it’s close to manifesting.

It feels so good to see these scenes from my dream life because the more that I trust that my manifestation is happening, the faster it shows up.

Using the Law of Attraction

Honestly, I love going through all the phases of using the law of attraction to manifest my dream person and relationship.

It’s such an exciting ride with all the deep inner work and healing that comes with it!

I’m off to see if I can reschedule my Apple Genius Bar appointment which I booked for tomorrow. It’s definitely not a good idea to visit a busy mall or do something important on the Full Moon day.

I’ll be staying at home to rest tomorrow and I’ll write a Travel Tuesday blog post about the last town that I stayed in in Cyprus.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Manifesting your Dream Life

Signs that you’re close to manifesting your dream life

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