What are you Ready to Release this Full Moon?

I’ve been MIA for a while and it’s because I was in the middle of releasing something major: My Life Coaching business – Soul Collective.

I wrote a couple of blog posts about how the pandemic season helped me shed so many layers of family and societal conditioning. Over the past three years, I realized that I’m not a life coach or a business woman. These are masks or roles that my family conditioning – and my healing journey – made me take on and wear for longer than needed.

Inner child therapy work took time to integrate and I believe that this type of work really helped me get closer to my true self and live in alignment with that essence.

What happened when I was cancelling the business license

I actually had an official government trade license for the life coaching business. And I was renewing it annually since I registered the company in December of 2018. There were so many stages for the business like with any first startup. At times, I was practicing the coaching with friends and getting testimonials. There were periods of learning the business side of things. There were times when I was taking a break from it all after doing inner child therapy work.

While I wasn’t practicing all the time, I was definitely doing the inner work on myself. So I guess that kept me busy and left little space for coaching/helping others!

Cancelling the license was another process. It doesn’t just dissolve when you don’t renew it – like I thought. There were forms to fill and a big cancellation fee to pay (which I did of course). Yesterday, I went to submit the original documents to the company who helped me setup the business. So that was the last step and now I just wait for the government entity to approve the license cancellation request.

What’s interesting is the fact that I’m releasing my first business during the full moon week. To add to that, everything was happening to support me in this decision!

First, the woman who’s helping me with the license cancellation process is so professional and quick in replying to emails. It’s like I’m really meant to cancel this license and end the business.

And yesterday, when I was getting a cab to head to the company for the documents submission, a taxi pulled up in front of me and asked me to get in the car! This almost never happens on weekday mornings in the city because it’s peak hour and all the cabs are either booked or taken.

The documents submission and the entire process went so smoothly and it was flowing with ease.

This is the Universe’s way of re-assuring me that I’m on the right path by cancelling the business and ending that entrepreneurial journey.

What I’m looking forward to

I want to also share that I have absolutely no regrets for starting this business – let me explain why.

Although it was challenging to get clients and to scale the business, I enjoyed the learning opportunities.  But mostly, what I’m grateful for is that thanks to Soul Collective, I wrote my first ever ebook!

The purpose of writing the book was to promote the business and get clients. That was in the past, before I decided to end the coaching business.

What’s powerful is that because of my original idea of writing a book as a marketing strategy for the coaching business, I managed to write my first book! And I’m going to publish it online soon.

So there’s always a silver lining to very negative situation. Yes, the coaching business wasn’t successful and I couldn’t get clients. But what came out of it is big! Writing a book based on my spiritual growth and healing journey was exciting and fun!

I’ll be sharing the book on this site once it’s ready, so sign up for updates here.

Now tell me, what are you ready to release this full moon?


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