Shake up your Daily Routine to Manifest Evidence

In last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post, I shared about the law of vibration and how it’s more important than the law of attraction. You can read that post here.

Because I’m a foodie and I love exploring the cafe and restaurant scene anywhere I go, I decided to have breakfast at a new spot yesterday.

Shake Up Your Daily Routine

Interestingly, this new cafe is located at the other end of the city – a 30-minute car ride to be precise.

And since I don’t drive, I took a cab, which cost me AED 72.50 to get there! Of course, I checked the cafe’s reviews many times before deciding to go there. And I’m so happy I went because the place was so cosy and the food was great!

I enjoyed the experience so much that I plan to return there next Sunday and order the same dish with scrambled eggs.

After breakfast, I walked around for some time before heading to a Starbucks to get the free coffee that I earned from the loyalty app points. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday; this is exactly how I would spend it in my dream relationship.

When you do something completely outside your routine – big or small – you manifest evidence that your dream life is coming.

You can do something simple like try out a new cafe or restaurant. Or, if you’re not a foodie, you may join a new fitness class or group activity.

Manifest Evidence About your Dream Life

Shaking up your routine by doing something completely new is an easy and fun way to manifest evidence about your dream life.

Let me share an example. When I went to a Starbucks store at that place on the other end of town after breakfast, I saw two guys and a woman sitting on the same terrace where I was sitting.

I overheard them talk about a restaurant, and it seemed like one of them was the owner. Towards the end of their conversation, and as they were leaving the space, they mentioned going to a good Asian restaurant for Dim Sum. They also spoke a lot about Thailand.

This is manifestation evidence because a huge part of my dream life is having Asian food with my favorite person and visiting Asia. And, of course, I love Dim Sum!

When you notice strong evidence about your dream life, your trust in the process grows, and this fast-tracks its appearance in your reality.

The more your trust and certainty that your person is on their way, the faster they show up.

So today, I wanted to encourage you to shake up your routine with simple changes. If you want to see even more powerful clues or evidence, consider moving countries or traveling.

This weekend’s story was a simple example of shaking up your routine, and you can always take this to a bigger scale with ideas that feel right for you.

Let me know if you tried doing this to see evidence about your dream life or person.



Law of attraction tips


Shake up your Daily Routine

Shake up your Daily Routine


Law of attraction tips


Shake up your Daily Routine

Shake up your Daily Routine

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