Law of Attraction Shortcut: Abraham versus Neville

Happy Monday! It’s a wonderful new week post the full moon energy and I’m feeling excited and recharged.

I started off my week with a trip to the mall because I had an Apple Genius Bar appointment at the Apple store.

If you missed last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post, you can read it here. It was all about the signs that you’re getting close to manifesting your dream life.

A lot has happened in the past week. But the most important thing was the big discovery of what I was doing wrong when manifesting.

So after years of practicing the law of attraction to manifest a relationship, I lately discovered (about a week ago) that there are two different methods or systems for using the law of attraction.

Why I only Discovered this Law of Attraction Shortcut Now

The fascinating part about using the law of attraction is that when you vibrate at a certain frequency, you attract people, experiences and resources that are at the same vibration or frequency.

Since I started using the law of attraction, most of the resources that I found and the people who I spoke with who also used LOA, were mainly following the Abraham Hicks method. You can look up Esther Hicks or Abraham Hicks to learn more.

I lately realized that there’s another system for manifesting the life that you want and it’s by an author called Neville Goddard. He passed away in 1972 and he was one of the pioneers of the law of assumption.

So before I explain the difference in the two systems, I wanted to share the fact that we can only attract the resources, support and people that we need when we’re ready and when it matches our vibration.

Although I’ve been using the law of attraction for so many years, I didn’t know about Neville’s work. It wasn’t until I started raising my vibration (after doing the healing work and intentionally choosing to feel good), that I discovered this method.

The Difference between the Two Systems

Let me explain to you the main difference between using the Abraham Hicks method versus the Neville Goddard one.

With the Abraham manifestation method, you’re told to only ask for your desire once. And then, you simply live your best life and trust that it’s on its way to you.

Neville Goddard’s teachings are all about feeling the desire as though you already have it. It’s assuming that you already have your relationship and living from that place. You’re not creating anything because you are being that which you desire.

The other significant difference is that when following Neville’s approach, you’re being consistent with the feeling and with the rituals that help you tune into your desire’s feelings.

Why is Neville’s Approach more Powerful

Because I was following Abraham’s method, I was spending a lot of time working through my old patterns and childhood programing. Of course this work is great but when manifesting this way, things take time to shift because you’re spending a lot of energy in old patterns and issues.

When you forget about your past and focus on feeling the desired emotions and living from that place, things start moving fast and it’s basically a shortcut for manifesting anything!

As a good example for this, I manifested my Dubai Marina apartment with this approach without realizing it.

You can read the story in this blog post. When I manifested my dream home in Dubai, it happened so effortlessly and without much focus or even thinking about it much. It just happened!

If you read the story of how I manifested my home, you will realize that while living in the area across the road from the Marina, I used to spend a lot of time doing my grocery shopping, having coffee and going for long walks in the Marina.

I would also look at the apartment balconies and think about what it would feel like if I lived in that area.

Consistency in Manifestation

With this manifestation, there was consistency. I was going for long walks on so many evenings in the week. Plus, I was hanging out with friends or having coffee in that area on a regular basis.

Why is manifesting a relationship different? Well, apart from the points that I share in this blog post, being consistent in feeling the emotions that are part of a loving relationship takes dedication, time and effort.

You want to be really invested in the manifestation rituals and not just trying them out for a short period of time.

I’ll share more insights about Neville’s LOA method in future blog posts. For now, let me know which LOA method are you using?

I’m also going to order two books by Neville Goddard to make sure that I understand the concept really well.

For now, I’m leaving you with some pictures from today’s lovely lunch at The Tap House. Where I practiced living the experience of already having my dream relationship and person. It felt really good to sit outside (it was a cloudy day) and have lunch with a Burj Khalifah view with the dancing fountains.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on today’s law of attraction shortcut topic!


Neville Goddard


Law of Attraction shortcut

Law of Attraction shortcut


Neville Goddard

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  • Sanya says:

    Beautifully written! So glad you got on board with the Law of Assumption, I have been finding it way more powerful than law of attraction. Have been connecting to it since January and it really does work. Persistence is key! You could also write a blog post about affirming and affirmations. They really help.

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