Law of Attraction Steps: I manifested Vegan Brownies Five Days a Week!

Happy Manifestation Monday!

Today’s post is a little bit different. Unlike the usual theory posts where I explain a specific tip and give examples, I’m sharing a true story.

It’s a magical story that happened last week, and it made me have more faith in the law of attraction.

While reading this story, you can play this dreamy Theta frequency music in the background.

Last week’s manifestation story started while I was viewing a local cafe’s Instagram story, and I came across a giveaway that they were running for vegan chocolate brownies.

Since I already get a daily snack of choice – I was going for the sesame muffin at that time – with my vegan meal plan, I wasn’t that desperate to win the brownie, but I was craving it at the same time.

I immediately entered the giveaway, which required tagging a friend and hoped to win.

A day or so later, I was still craving that chocolate brownie!

So I spent an entire hour one evening searching for vegan treats places or small business owners in Dubai.

I came across a few – of which I was familiar with before. However, I didn’t feel like I wanted to order from any of the options.

I think the main reason was that I didn’t fully trust the hygiene standards of these home business or cafes.

After that evening of extensive online search for that yummy brownie, I forgot about it altogether.

On that same week – when I entered the giveaway and did my research – I received the menu options for next week’s meal plan and guess what?

They had vegan chocolate brownies listed under the snack options!

Now, this might seem like an ordinary story, except that I’ve been with this meal plan company for over a year and they NEVER had brownies on their menu!

They always offered different types of vegan muffins or Arabic sweets. But they never had brownies on their menu!

Of course, I chose the chocolate brownies as my snack for every day of that week (last week), and this means that I got to have not one or two brownies, but five!

Law of Attraction Steps

Now, let me go through the fundamental law of attraction principles that were evident in my brownie story.

  1. I set a specific clear intention. I didn’t say I want a treat or a yummy dessert – that’s so vague! Instead, I intended to have a brownie and not any brownie either. I was craving a vegan, chocolate brownie. So that’s very specific.
  2. I took inspired action. One: I entered the Instagram giveaway of that cafe and tagged a friend. Two: I spent an hour searching for local vegan treat options online. Taking action gives momentum to the manifestation process.
  3. released the need and desperation. The energy that you put into your manifestation is so essential. When you feel needy and desperate to get something, you create resistance, and this stops the desire from getting closer to you. Because I was indifferent and not desperate to have chocolate brownies, I managed to manifest it in my reality in a short period!
  4. I detached from the ‘How’. Because I couldn’t find an excellent option to order vegan treats from and because I realized that I didn’t win that giveaway, I had no idea where my brownie would come from, and I was OK with that! The secret when manifesting is to leave the ‘How’ to the Universe. Because the Universe will bring your desire to you in the most magical way and one that you would never have imagined! That’s exactly what my experience was. The last place I would think of to offer brownies was my meal plan company because they never had them on their menu! But because I detached from the ‘How’ when setting my intention, I got my desire from a trustworthy source (since I’ve been on this meal plan for over a year) and one that best fits my current situation and lifestyle.
  5. Attract everything. Chase nothing. This is a basic LOA principle that most people don’t understand. What you’re doing is lining up with your desire energetically, so that you can draw it to you effortlessly. You don’t need to go outside into the world to chase it! I plan to write a blog post soon about how this concept applies to manifest a soul mate. But basically, I didn’t go out looking for a brownie. Yes, I took inspired action, but that’s not the same as striving action, and I explain the difference between the two types in this blog post.
  6. I surrendered the process to the Universe. When you trust and have faith that your desire will find you in one way or another, you can attract it to you effortlessly and with flow. I wasn’t anxious about the fact that I wanted to have a brownie. While I had an intense craving for it, I had faith that the Universe will deliver and it did!
  7. I was indifferent about the desire. This is another powerful vibration when manifesting any desire. There should be a balance between investing energy and power into your vision and letting go of attachment. If someone came up to me and said that I would never get that brownie and that there’s no way that I would have another brownie in my life, I would be OK with that. Because I’m not a big fan of chocolate anyway and brownies are not my favorite type of dessert. This type of energy is vital when manifesting any desire. Because you’re not creating resistance and you’re allowing your desire to find you with ease and flow.

I genuinely hope that my manifestation story inspired you to work on your desires using the same Law of Attraction steps.

The magical thing about this story is how it reflects all of the steps of the manifestation process distinctly and directly!

I will share more stories like this one as they unfold. To show you how simple and fun manifesting any desire is!

Why it’s Important to Celebrate the Small Wins

The reason it’s so important to celebrate these small manifestations is that they help you stay on track and have more faith in manifesting the big stuff.

Plus, when you focus on these wins and see them as something to be celebrated, you give momentum to manifesting other things, including big ones like a relationship or a country move!

Did you manifest anything in a magical way that you didn’t expect at all lately? Let me know in the comments!

Law of Attraction Steps

Law of Attraction Steps


Law of Attraction Steps

Law of Attraction Steps

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