Manifestation Monday: The Fun Stages of the Manifestation Process

Happy Monday!

I’m actually starving as I write this post. As such, I will keep it short so I can go and have lunch!

There are so many aspects to starting a business and honestly, I feel so grateful that I made the decision to be my own boss a couple of years ago.

It happened gradually and intentionally. Which is the best way really. I allowed life to unfold in a natural way while I took inspired action.

The reason that I feel thankful for starting my entrepreneurial journey early is that it takes time to grow a business and learn about all the elements that go into building one.

Since I got certified as an NLP Life Coach (in May of 2018), I went through a couple of phases of my life coaching career.

First, I spent about six months researching the right trade license and business setup option.

Then, I had one paid client through my personal trainer at that time as soon as I registered the business.

I also launched the website for the business and all the social media pages.

I spent most of 2019 – when I wasn’t travelling – coaching friends in one-on-one sessions to practice, do market research, find my coaching style and get feedback on my coaching practice.

After completing inner child and tantra therapy groups in Osho Miasto last October/November, I decided to put my coaching sessions on hold.

You should always travel and follow your passion and heart after doing an intense inner child healing course or therapy program.

2020 should have been my year of travel and writing a book on synchronicity and manifesting a life partner, but this has changed with the pandemic.

At least I got to spend two magical months in Bali before this whole lockdown thing started.

I’m also not upset that my year of travel got cancelled. You know why?

First, I trust that the Universe has a better plan for my life than anything that I can imagine.

Second, with the collective shift in consciousness and everything being renewed, powerful and exciting changes will unfold. That’s one thing that I’m positive of.

Another reason that makes me excited about travelling once this is over is the fact that I’m getting insights and ideas about future trips. Which means that throughout this lockdown time, I get to refine my travel plans and make them even more focused and meaningful!

So if you’re wondering about what stage of my entrepreneurial journey I’m at, I’m currently working on taking all my social media pages to the next level.

I already started doing that by using templates when posting to Facebook and Twitter.

And I’ll be exploring presets for my Instagram pictures and new ways to post and engage on that platform.

Of course, there are other steps to take to get to the level where I can have paid clients approaching me and let’s just say that everything takes time and patience.

That’s one major positive of the lockdown life because it’s forcing me to work on the neglected aspects of the business and to get my act together. No more taking things easy and chilling.

I still work for five hours a day only. That won’t change because I have to honor my feminine essence and flow.

The Stages of the Manifestation Process

Once you have a desire and a vision, what are the different stages of the manifestation process?

Well, you have to start by setting an intention and writing down your vision. Try to be as clear and specific as you can.

Then, you have to believe and trust that you deserve that vision 100%. Because if you have any limiting beliefs or doubts about this vision, then there’s no way that you can manifest it. For help with this, stay tuned for my membership site and program.

When you are clear about what you want, the Universe will start to show you signs or send you messages through others.

If you’re following your intuition and living in alignment with your true self, these signs will be so strong that you can’t miss them!

Of course, along the way to your desire, you will constantly change your vision as you grow and evolve as a person.

Plus, when you grow spiritually, you are not fixated on the desire. You’re in it for the long run, for getting to the next level of your soul.

So you continue to take inspired action. Follow the messages from the Universe – and change direction as you evolve.

And then, the journey transforms from being about your desire or vision to about you as a soul.

You get closer to finding your authentic self. And as you get closer, your vision evolves and shifts and develops.

And before I talk about the last stage of the fun and exciting manifestation process, I want to mention two things:

  1. Apart from trusting in your deserving of the desire and in the Universe’s magical ways to bring it to you, you have to also surrender and trust in divine timing. I talk about this topic in this post and how creating space and allowing life to unfold is just as important as taking inspired action. Most of us are conditioned to keep taking action and live out of the ‘doing’ mode. When all we have to do is to be open to receiving and surrender to the Universe.
  2. Keep in mind that most of us experienced an intense amount of family and societal conditioning. This means that uncovering our true, authentic self will take time and persistence. Until you find the real you and release all the other layers, you will be far from your visions and desires. Because you are simply not aligning with them!

I’ll dedicate a future post about divine timing and what that really means.

Now let me tell you about the last stage of the manifestation process. Which is a big leap in itself for most people.

It’s ‘acting as if you already have your desire’.

Most single people find this step challenging. How can you ask me to act as if I’m in a relationship when I’m single?

The truth is that you have to feel the feelings associated with your desire to align with it.

So if you will feel calm, centered and grounded when you are in a relationship, then living out of ‘survival’ mode in the present moment won’t get you closer to your desire! it’s actually pulling you back even further.

Another important thing is connecting to your authentic self. When you are living out of the real you, great things happen. You become a magnet to your desires.

Your ‘real’ self is the one that is aligned with your future vision. And when you live out of that vibration, you are simply drawing that desire to you naturally. You’re no longer ‘acting as if you already have it’. It’s more like you become it!

There’s so much to talk about. I’ll write a future post about the top mistakes that people make when manifesting.

One comes to the top of my head: trying to control how things happen and how life unfolds!

The words of Svarup – our inner child therapy facilitator and beautiful soul come to my mind today. They resonate with the topic and with connecting to your authentic self to manifest love…

She said: “Don’t look for love. Look for freedom and joy and fulfilment.”

Wishing you a lockdown season full of all three.




manifestation process

The stages of the manifestation process


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