Manifestation Tip Monday: Create Space to Gain Momentum

Happy Manifestation Monday!

These days, I find myself in the accepting and allowing state of the manifestation process.

What’s cool about the Law of Attraction is that you are always manifesting, even when you’re not intentional about it.

The Universe is continuously working in the background, lining things up for us and bringing us closer to our visions.

Some people may not be aware of the law of attraction or even believe in it. Whereas, some of us are too focus on the action-taking.

I wrote a post about co-creating with the Universe and what it means a while back. You can read it here.

It talks about the importance of taking inspired action when it comes to manifesting.

When I had a quick look through old posts, I noticed the content relates to taking action and making moves.

The truth is that while taking inspired action towards your goals and dream life is an essential part of the manifestation process, so is surrendering, taking a step back and trusting.

You need to lean into the trust and faith that your desires are on their way to you more than the action-taking.

Because when you don’t give space for the Universe to work its magic and present you with what you asked for, you create resistance and this stops things from manifesting!

Think about the last time you ordered a takeaway from a restaurant. Once you’ve made the order, did you call them up a couple of times to check if they are preparing your meal? of course not.

It’s the same thing with manifesting when you continuously put effort and take action. You are emitting the energy of lack of trust that things are coming your way. This inevitably stops them in their tracks.

When you take a break from doing the work to manifest your desires, you are creating space for them to manifest into your reality.

Not only that, but you are also giving these intentions space to gain positive momentum and flow in the right direction.

Because without this gap of space, things can get stuck and you will feel like you are stuck too!

We can tune into surrender and trust. To do this, we must acknowledge all the beautiful things that have already manifested in our life.

This will help strengthen your faith in the process and in the fact that things are always flowing for you.

Another great thing about pausing from the ‘doing’ is that insight start to show up, and that’s what positive momentum is.

You might start getting messages from the Universe through people, articles or social media posts. These are all signals that you are on the right path, and they are pointing you in the right direction. Always.

The issue lies in the conditioning of most families and cultures. We are raised to work hard, be super productive, do our best, keep moving towards our goals by taking immense steps, and the list continues.

I will focus on this topic in the next ~Future-self Friday blog post as I will go back to writing this starting this Friday.

Life flows so much easier when you learn to trust and let go of control. Things start aligning so correctly, and synchronicities start showing up in waves.

I encourage you to start trusting in a more significant power that has a better plan for your life than the one that you imagined.

You can continue to take inspired action when it feels right. However, you must also leave some space for things to gain momentum. This can only happen when you move from fear and panic to trust and surrender.

Which areas in your life are you investing so much time and energy into without any real results?

That’s probably one place where you can start releasing control and effort.

Good luck and speak to you on Wednesday!


manifestation tip

Manifestation tip: Create space for your manifestations to gain momentum

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