Manifestation Monday: Release the Feeling of Need and Desperation

Happy Manifestation Monday!

First, I want to share a few updates about my life…

Being an empath, I naturally avoid busy and crowded places. This has always been the case.

But these days, because the collective energy is so heavy with the recent virus outbreak, I feel like I need to protect myself even more.

I still go about my day as normal and I enjoy long walks now that the weather is perfect.

I also end my walks with an iced latte or cappuccino at my favorite cafes. So far, things are normal and OK here.

What’s not normal is the response of the collective. This incident is happening for us all to wake up and live from a more conscious space.

It’s about time that people took time for simple things like playing games at home, reading and being present.

I encourage you to take this as an opportunity to practice meditation (any type that you prefer) and simply focus your energy inwards.

Being a spiritual life coach and wellness blogger, I naturally lead my life in self-isolation and mindfulness.

So for me, it’s a time to have a more structured mindfulness and spirituality ritual.

Another thing that I would like to share is that it’s wise to stay informed and follow the news updates. But this doesn’t need to be the only activity that you do all day.

You can still lead a normal life and make a conscious decision to check the news updates once a day. At least that’s what I’m doing and I only follow a specific Twitter account with authentic news from Italy.

The account is created by a book author and he shares daily, honest updates from his life in Milan.

When he re-posts articles from other media sources or individual accounts, I can feel the difference in the style and energy.

The media links and articles almost always have some sort of urgent and panic-infused headline!

Facts are facts and they are the truth. There’s no need to instill fear in people’s minds and bodies. This is what’s making things worse.

Stay grounded and calm. Practice daily meditation. Be mindful of who you follow on social media and the news.

This will pass too. It’s happening to help us awaken and live more consciously and mindfully.

The Energy of Need and Desperation when Manifesting

The inspiration for this post came to me last night when thinking about the feeling of need.

I remembered a reading with a spiritual medium in 2016 who told me that my energy of ‘I want’ is what’s keeping me from my soul mate vision.

This applies to any type of manifesting really. Whether you’re trying to manifest money, a new house or a life partner, the concept is valid.

With the feeling of need and desperation comes a lot of resistance. This is what drives your desire even further away from you.

When you feel like you need something to be happy or complete. Or even to lead a fulfilling life, it pushes things away.

This is because you are naturally going to receive your desire – as long as you have one – and you when you try to control things, you disrupt the flow.

What you can do is drop the need and desperation and replace it with trust and confidence.

Of course you have to first release your limiting beliefs before you can reach this stage of total surrender.

The reason that the psychic’s words resonate with me so much these days is because I feel that I honestly don’t need or want anything.

I feel grateful and blessed beyond measure for being alive and healthy. I also feel thankful to live in a safe city and country.

There are so many things that I feel super grateful for these days and I don’t need or want anything external to be happy.

I lead a fulfilling life and I feel content about myself and my life.

Trust in the Process

So there really is no need to control anything or try to change my current situation.

I trust that the life partner vision will manifest in divine timing and I feel that I’m already aligned with it energetically.

So, if you still have some feelings of wanting your life to be different, that’s OK.

You can continue taking inspired action and doing full moon rituals. What you should stop doing is trying to control the flow of life and how things unfold.

Just surrender to the bigger plan lose the feeling of need. You will manifest it faster than you can imagine.

I look forward to sharing new insights and manifestation tips in the next Wellness Wednesday blog post.

Stay tuned!

feeling of need

Release the Feeling of Need and Desperation when Manifesting

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  • Lezzle says:

    Thank you. I needed your post today for clarity!

    • Saudi Diva says:

      My pleasure! glad to know that my post helped you get clarity. Feel free to follow me on IG: @saudidivablog ✨ for daily law of attraction and manifestation stories and posts.

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