How to Release the Roles that Stand in your way to Manifesting

Happy Monday! Ramadan Kareem to those who are practicing. I am not, and I’m OK with saying that. Today’s manifesting topic is one that I’m very passionate about and something that I’m going through in my life right now.

Let me start by saying that I’m so grateful that I’ve put my one-on-one coaching sessions on hold after completing inner child therapy.

The decision was natural, and I now feel like it was the right one.

It has been six months since I’ve completed inner child therapy at Osho Miasto in Tuscany and I’m still integrating the work!

This kind of work is so intense, and it takes energy to do it and then energy to integrate it as well.

Another reason that I’m grateful for putting my coaching on hold is that there are so many other aspects of the business that I need to work on. This includes taking my Instagram to the next level and using paid social media ads to get exposure for my brand.

All of this takes time and energy, and it’s part of the entrepreneurial process. Dedication can be a problem. I live alone, and I have other tasks to do at home besides working on my business.

This brings us to today’s manifesting topic: dropping all the roles that are not you. And I don’t mean cutting the house chores; it’s the complete opposite of that!

I’ve been raised by parents who are mind-identified and are living below the consciousness level.

This means that my conditioning is all about career, achievement, productivity, hard work and success.

This serves me in a way when I want to share my message with the world and help others. However, it’s also standing in my way of manifesting a future which aligns with my soul essence.

Let me explain.

This year was going to be my year of travel. Why? First, I was planning on writing a book on synchronicity (which I already wrote two chapters of while in Bali) and also because these trips were a way for me to release my Wonder Woman role.

While travelling, I get to explore and have fun. I don’t have to spend time doing laundry or cleaning the apartment (which is what I’m doing now). I also can work on my business remotely while leading a more free and fulfilling lifestyle.

With the pandemic, things changed. I cancelled my trips, and I will most likely postpone them all to 2021.

There are positives to this decision too, which I can talk about in another blog post.

But today’s post is not about the positives. It’s about the roles that we all take on as a result of our family dynamics. These roles are no longer serving us, and we need to release them to get closer to our authentic selves and to manifesting our future visions.

Examples of the Roles that you Take On

There are so many of these roles, and I don’t need to list them all.

The main ones include the caretaker: the one who makes it his or her responsibility to take care of everyone around them.

Then there’s the savior: similar to the caretaker; this person believes that it’s their life purpose to save everyone from their misery.

There’s also the people-pleaser. This person does everything to make sure that everyone is pleased and happy with them.

All of these are self-sabotaging roles, and they take time, energy and conscious effort to release and replace with healthy versions of one’s self.

My one – apart from the caretaker which I feel I’ve already released – is the Wonder Woman role.

This role arose as a result of many things from the past and my childhood experiences.

I had to become independent and mature to survive what I survived. I was the abandoned (scapegoat child), and that person has to find their way and fight for themselves within a family dynamic.

Scapegoat children grow up as adults with so many flawed habits and beliefs about themselves. It’s a whole other topic.

I got treated like a boy, and my father still treats me like one. So I became masculine, and the balance between my masculine and feminine essence got tilted to one side.

I escaped my negative home environment, but I still have to do things on my own, so I’m still very much in that masculine/doing role, which I like to label as Wonder Woman.

It is a fact that I can’t make peace with that version of me. I can’t embrace her as part of me. Because I genuinely believe that my soul essence isn’t her. I just took her as a role because I had to/have to survive.

I try to release her entirely. However, it’s challenging, and can be tiring.

The reason that I want to release her is that my soul mate vision doesn’t include her. My soul mate vision involves a Goddess and a soft/feminine being.

So, I’ve decided to keep working on letting that Goddess be expressed through me as much as I can.

One way of doing that is by doing most house chores and tasks in a thoughtful way. This is also another topic for another time.

I will try to lean into that feminine essence as much as I can. Even though I understand that it can’t be done 100% – at least not now.

When it comes to my career and scaling my business, I will continue the ‘doing’ because I believe in my message and gifts to the world.

But I will take things at a pace which allows this Goddess energy to be alive within me.

For example, I aim to work for five hours a day, six days a week only.

Which reminds me that it’s time to finish writing this post because my five-hour workday is approaching!

What roles did you take on as part of your family dynamic and as a way to survive?

Are you aware of these roles, or are you completely immersed in them?

Are these roles serving the future vision that you are working on manifesting? Or do you think it’s time to release them?

If they are no longer serving your future vision, then what would you replace them with?

Would this topic be something that you would like to work on in one of my membership site launches?

Let me know your thoughts and stay safe!

Faster Manifesting

Faster Manifesting

Release the roles that don’t serve your future vision

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