Feeling Lonely? Here Is What you Can Do About it

It’s normal for many people to feel lonely and disconnected these days.

This is even more normal if you’re single and living alone. With social distancing and working from home, things can get tough.

I decided to write this post after a little over six months of self-isolation. I felt that many people are probably feeling down and lonely by this time.

So here is how I managed to stay in a high vibration during six months of lockdown.

Invest in Self-love 

You might be thinking that you’ve been doing this already and have heard this advice countless times.

If you think that you love yourself, let me tell you that there’s definitely room for more.

When I was in Bali early this year, I had a profound reading with an intuitive tarot card reader. She told me that I needed to love myself more and invest in self-care and in nurturing my soul. You can read all about this magical reading here.

What’s interesting is that at the time of the reading, I thought that I was the queen of self-love and self-care!

Then I went back to Dubai. When the pandemic hit, I truly took the time to love myself and my inner child. That’s when I clearly understood the tarot card reader’s words and advice.

I recently had a conversation with a good friend. She asked me what does self-love truly mean.

Self-love covers a lot of aspects. You could be doing some of them right now. But there could be missing pieces.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet, getting active, meditating, saying no when you need to, following your intuition and setting strong boundaries with toxic people are all forms of self-love.

Embrace Self-care

Self-care includes nurturing your body with daily beauty or health rituals. You could choose to dance, paint, get your nails done, scrub your body, lather your body with a quality body lotion or simply get enough sleep.

Since I did inner child therapy last October (I can’t believe it’s been a year), I actually spent the first six months of this lockdown life processing the work.

So for me, self-love looked like setting strong, healthy boundaries with people who don’t respect me or value my worth, getting off of the only free dating app that I was using and nurturing my inner child – Leela.

Connect with Genuine and Supportive Friends

After five months of total self-isolation and lockdown (I was ordering everything online), I was ready to go out and face the world again.

This is mainly because I had done inner child therapy and tantra workshops in October/November of 2019 and I was processing the work.

Once I felt ready to be out and to socialize again, a friend who was visiting Dubai showed up.

We went out a couple of times and still do and we celebrated her birthday with a nice dinner.

So I manifested the right situation at the right time. I didn’t go out and seek friends.

Throughout the lockdown, I kept in touch with a few close friends with text and voice notes.

Because this season forced me to go inwards, a lot was revealed and is still being revealed around relationships and boundaries.

So, I invite you to do something similar. Focus your energy inwards, meditate daily. Set the intention for getting clarity about a specific situation. Trust that all will be revealed to you.

What you will discover is that some people were taking up space in your life that they didn’t earn and certainly don’t deserve.

It’s OK to re-assess your friendships and connections, to set strong boundaries and to cut ties with toxic people.

Explore your Hobbies and Passions

Another thing you can do is to take this golden opportunity and try out different things to find your hobbies.

It took me a decade of self-exploration and trying out different things to find what I’m truly passionate about.

These days, cooking, writing, dance fitness classes and just dancing in my living room bring me the most joy and fulfillment.

Be open to trying new things. Maybe join some online workshops or classes until you find your hobbies.

If you’re looking to change careers or become a freelancer, you can take up classes on the skills that you want to have to make that move.

You can also expand your connections and meet new people through online events or workshops.

If you still didn’t read it, this practical guide lists the best tips for growing your connections and meeting new people.

Work with a Life Coach

If you’re still feeling stuck after trying out all of my tips, then you might need support in releasing your limiting beliefs and blocks.

I know how it feels to be stuck because I was there for a long time myself! I actually spent a decade after leaving my home being stuck.

What helped me get out of this stagnant state was doing the inner work with the support of qualified and experienced coaches and mentors.

You can read the series of posts where I share the top things that helped me get out of this funk by reading old posts on my blog.

While you’re there, subscribe to the blog to get updates in your inbox.

And if you feel called to work with a coach, drop me a message on my life coaching site and let me know how I can help.

My one-on-one coaching sessions are back in January. I can support you by answering any questions that you might have until then.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. I might have missed some tips for getting out of feeling lonely and disconnected.

P.S. Tomorrow’s New Moon is a golden time to set new intentions and script your soulmate vision.

Until the next Manifestation Monday blog post, have a lovely weekend!

feeling lonely

Feeling lonely in the pandemic season

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