Embrace the Shadow Side of Being Single

A little background story on what inspired today’s blog post.

I booked a threading and waxing appointment this morning at a lovely salon that I’ve been visiting for some time.

Because I have extremely sensitive skin, I book with one therapist and I know that she’s the only one who can do my waxing with care.

The problem is that she’s been on vacation for over a month and I’ve been waiting for her to get back. The last time I did waxing was on December 22 before my memorable Ras Al Khaimah staycation. Since it’s winter and I’m in sweaters and jeans for most of the time, I wasn’t really bothered with getting waxed.

Feeling the Shadow Side

So I decided to wait for my trusted therapist to get back and I booked an appointment with her on her first day back – which is February 20.

Then I remembered that I will most likely be on my period during that week. Plus, I kind of got fed up with my hairy underarms!

That’s when I went ahead and booked an appointment for this morning with another therapist which I tried once before.

Apart from the fact that the decision was bad. My underarms went so red and irritated after she waxed the hair. The experience was also very painful because it’s the week before my period and the hair was long.

To cut the long story short, the energy was misaligned and I felt strongly that there’s something happening these days.

Let me explain why I felt this way. The therapist asked me if I have a Valentine’s and I replied with: “No, I’m single.”

She then replied with: “Even if you’re single, if you have boyfriend, you can have Valentine’s.”

That’s when I felt like the Universe is forcing me to feel the shadow side of being single and without a partner.

Of course when I answered that I’m single. I didn’t mean that I’m not married. I meant that I don’t have a partner. But because of her own perception of the word single, she thought that I meant that I’m not married and therefore I don’t have anyone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with.

How I used to be

I used to always act as if I have a partner and pretend that everything is OK. And that I’m doing fine because that’s how you manifest, right? You want to align your energy with that of your dream life. And in my dream life – with a partner – I’m happy and fulfilled.

I never truly felt the shadow side of being single until my recent Malta trip. When back-to-back incidents kept making me feel really frustrated with my single status and life. You can read about some of these stories in this blog post. And if you want to know how my Malta trip ended after I embraced the shadow side of being single, check out this blog post.

What I’m being forced to do

After thinking a lot about what happened this morning, I realized that the Universe wants me to feel the ugly side of being single.

Because until you can make the unconscious conscious, you can’t really shift it. This applies to any subconscious pattern or feelings that you tend to suppress.

And I think that’s exactly what happened this morning with that conversation. Because I keep pretending to be in a relationship and to not care about the fact that I’m single and experiencing a lot of bad things because of it, the Universe is forcing me to face the negative emotions and to feel them so I can shift my reality.

If this incident happened in the week of the Full Moon, I wouldn’t have paid much attention to it. I wouldn’t even write a blog post about it. I think what struck me is that we’re about a week away from the next Full Moon. So the shadow side doesn’t really show up until four days before the full moon night.

The only cosmic reason that I can think of is the post-retrograde shadow period, which ends on February 23. That’s when I plan to go out for sunset drinks because this Mercury Retrograde was so intense and crazy!

What about you?

Are you being called to embrace the shadow side of being single? Did you experience any strange incidents in this retrograde period?

I honestly can’t wait for the post-retrograde shadow phase to end. And for my underarms to heal and recover.


the Shadow Side

embrace the shadow side of being single

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