If You’re Going Through a Hard Time, Hang In There. Here’s Why You Should.

I started going for daily walks now that the weather is getting cooler in Dubai and I feel really good afterwards.

I’ll be going for walks at a beach next week and I’ll write about my new morning routine soon. It feels so aligned with my true soul.

Today’s Manifestation Monday blog post is inspired by my recent trip to Malta and what happened while I was there.

In this blog post, I shared about how I felt so down in my first week that I wanted to see a famous fortune teller there.

I’ll be talking more about how I was forced to embrace my single status and life in this trip in a future blog post.

Today, I want to encourage you to feel your feelings when they’re not pleasant. Trust that after the pain, there will be a beautiful manifestation! That’s exactly what happened in my trip. Let me explain…

Going Through a Hard Time? Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon

I left to Malta on October 10 and Mercury Retrograde ended on the 18th. It was a very intense period as all retrogrades are.

In my first week on the island, back-to-back things were happening. They were highlighting the bad side of being single. Things like having to figure things out on my own. For example, the hotel where I was staying was not the best for guiding me on recommendations. And then other issues were being highlighted like the color of my skin and my passport. It was the craziest two weeks that I’ve experienced.

I was being confronted with all of the things that I always try to hide and not want to see as my reality.

It was so intense that I was seriously considering going to the neighborhood where the famous fortune-teller lived to get a reading with her!

The Full Moon was in my second week and it brought up all of the things that I shared and it was intense!

Sometime in week two, as I walked down a Valletta street, I passed by a hotel and my intuition told me that I can consider extending my trip and staying there.

After checking the hotel reviews, I went the next day and booked a room for another week. Then I changed my flights.

The main thing that guided my decision was that I was down with a cold and I wasn’t ready for another round of travel procedures and booking a PCR test.

What happened next was so powerful and incredible!

Manifesting after the Full Moon

The third hotel that I stayed at in Malta turned out to be the best! The owner is Maltese, it was the cleanest of all three. As such, I got to experience a new, authentic side of Valletta!

Each morning, the guy who was handling the breakfast (super positive and kind 21-year-old French guy) and the hotel owner would take care of me in the most thoughtful and sweet way!

It felt like I was transported in time to the good old days, when everyone was really kind and thoughtful!

Not only that, I was also connecting with the other guests.  We would share our plans. These are things that I was never able to do in the past. Now I feel like I’m at another level of being alive and connecting.

Everything happened so naturally and I felt so aligned with this family-run hotel that I decided to make another trip to Malta!

I’ll be sharing more about the places that I missed this trip and how I want to go back to see them.

The point of this story is to share that sometimes the darkness is necessary before the magical manifestation.

Because I had such an intense and confronting full moon and retrograde period, I manifested a memorable and magical end to my trip!

If you are suffering, hang in there.

So if you’re going through painful and hurtful emotions, I encourage you to feel them. Don’t judge yourself and just feel all your feelings. This is how you can transmute the pain into a beautiful manifestation and healing experience.

It felt wonderful to spend the past week integrating the healing that happened in my last week in Malta. I’ve been crying a lot and it’s so powerful to feel connected to others again.

Let me know how you’re feeling these days and what small or big thing did you manifest lately?

Tomorrow, there will be a new Travel Tuesday blog post with new Malta travel tips and stories!


Going through a hard time

Darkness before the manifestation


Going through a hard time

Unexpected healing in Malta

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